UBORA Training and Consultancy PLC

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LocationNefas Silk Lafto Subcity, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryConsultancy (Industrial, Management, etc)
UBORA Training and Consultancy PLC

Ubora Training and Consultancy PLC is a training and consultancy firm based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, dedicated to bringing about an all-rounded human capacity development.

It is founded by seasoned trainers/consultants who have a wide range of experience working with a multitude of clients, for a combined time of over three decades. It is registered and licensed in Ethiopia with business license number NL/AA/14/666/4008466/2014.

At Ubora, we are committed to making lasting changes in the works and lives of our clients. We are driven to find what works for you and your organization. We are not a one-size-fits-all company; we are committed to tailoring our services to the specific needs of our clients.

We realize that you are unique; your organization is unique; your business is unique. At the same time, certain principles, theories and practices remain true across sectors. At Ubora, we strive to strike that delicate balance. While we bring into play proven principles and practices, we also duly consider your unique case, and tailor our programs in such a manner.

At Ubora, we do our best to be a causing agent for better life individually, as a family, as a community, and ultimately as a continent.

We also aim to embody our principles in our internal working mechanism, and in how we interact as a team among our staff and associates. 



We are committed to:



Our mission is to bring tangible and lasting impact in the lives and works of people and organizations through human capacity development.

For our staff and associates, our mission is to be a place of continuous enrichment and development. We aim to embody our value of being relational, as we strive to grow together in all aspects.


• Excellence
• Integrity
• Service
• Being relational
• Continuous learning 



Our consultancy service is geared towards providing the best fit solution for your specific context.

We provide consultancy on:

  • Training needs assessment
  • Organizational development
  • Staffing and human capacity consultancy


Our training service is based on the following adult learning principles:

  1. Adult learning – we use techniques that are best suited for adult learners, creating a two-way facilitatory approach that taps into the experience and knowledge of everyone involved.
  2. Andragogy – This is a method that combines art and science, that creates internal motivation, brings previous knowledge and experience into the picture, and move towards a self-directed and involved learning journey.
  3. Experiential Learning – The best learning is learning by doing, involving as many of the senses as possible. Experiential learning utilizies practical activities, role-play and hands on experiences to drive important points home.
  4. Appreciative Inquiry

Topics in which we provide pieces of training encompass various areas related to leadership, personal and professional development, as well as organizational development.


As a companion to our training packages, we provide selected assessment services. This has been proven to incite an eye-opening experience both individually and as a team.
The assessments offer a peek into self-discovery, personality type inspection, as well as leadership styles as they align with team roles.


Our team is made of highly experienced trainers that have several years of experience working with:

  • Individual clients
  • Small businesses
  • Financial institutions (banks, insurance, microfinance institutions)
  • NGOs
  • Non-profit societies/associations
  • Other types of organizations

Ubora Training and Consultancy PLC
Phone: +251911640934
Email: uboraet@gmail.com



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