Tulip Addis Water Filter

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LocationBole Sub City, Wereda 08, In front of Ethiopian Civil Service University, RIM Seven Building 3rd floor office no. 301.
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Tulip Addis Water Filter

Tulip Addis Water Filter is a water filter Product manufacturer located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and we invite you to drink clean water with our quality products

The objective of Tulip Addis is to reach urban and rural communities and families who now do not have safe drinking water. Therefore Tulip Addis is introducing  innovative low cost household water filters which improve water quality at the Point Of Use (POU) improving health in general and especially helps to achieve MDG4 (reducing child mortality.). Tulip Addis does this by involving other private sectors such as transport, marketing and sales and cooperates with NGOs and government water and sanitization programs. 



The Tulip Table Top is a two bucket water filter and water storage facility in one. The top bucket is filled with raw water, which is filtered through the Tulip candle filter into the lower bucket. The water in the lower bucket is safe for immediate consumption. The water is also safe for storage in the lower bucket for longer periods. The Tulip Table Top lasts up to 7000 liters. After which the candle can be easily replaced.


    • E-coli bacteria removal: >99.99%
    • Protozoa removal: >99,99%
    • Turbidity removal: 99%
    • Flow-rate: 1-3 liters per hour
    • Capacity: 15,000 liters
    • Backwash: no
    • Price per liter: $0,002-$0,005
    • Applicability: Household, Schools 



    • Provides training for end users anywhere in Ethiopia.


    • Provides user manuals in every Ethiopian language.


    • Hold follow up sessions in project area.


    • Provide free transport to project area for 2000 and above purchases 


    • Holds about 80 sub agents throughout Ethiopia ensuring sustained supply and usage.


The vision of Tulip Addis is to assist in reducing water borne diseases by the dissemination of low cost household water treatment options


The mission of Tulip Addis is to create a market based and commercial viable supply chain for Tulip siphon filers and other low cost water filters. These filters should comply with water filter quality guidelines. Tulip Addis will work with service indicators such as the coverage, continuity, and cost, get feedback from communities and consult and get approval of relevant authorities.


The ultimate goal of Tulip Addis is to reach all corners of Ethiopia with sales outlets of these water filters and to start local assembly of filters to further reduce cost and create local employment. 



+251 932 69 32 32, +251 932 78 32 32, +251 923 60 88 13
Bole Sub City, Wereda 08, In front of Ethiopian Civil Service University, RIM Seven Building 3rd floor office no. 301.

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