Robi Chemicals And Detergents Manufacturing

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Primary CategorySoap/Detergents/ Other Cleaning Materials
Robi Chemicals And Detergents Manufacturing

Robi Chemicals and Detergent Manufacturing is a training facility for making soap and other products. It is situated in Ethiopia,Addis Ababa. We're prepared to train you with the help of our skilled chemists.

Our company is distinguished not only by our qualified Chemists, but also by our modern machines and quality chemicals imported from abroad, we are ready to make you a professional.

Robi Chemicals and Deteregent

Our Training Services

  • Laundry Soap Making
  • Hand Soap Making
  • Windows Glass Soap Making
  • Ceramics Soap Making
  • Shampoo Making
  • Bleaching Agent Making
  • Santizer Making
  • Parrafin Making
  • Ajax Making

ሮቢ ኬሚካልስ እና ዲተረጀንት በአዲስ አበባ ኢትዮጵያ የሚገኝ የሳሙና የመሳሰሉት ማምረቻ ማዕከል ማሰልጠኛ ሲሆን በቁ በሆኑ መምህሮቻችን ልናሰለጥኖት እና ተፈላጊ ባለሙያ እንዲሆኑ ከወዲሁ እንጋብዞታለን

የኛ ድርጅት የሚለየው በብቁ መምህሮቻቸን ብቻ ሳይሆን ከውጭ ሀገር ጭምር ባስመጣናቸው ዘመናዊ ማሽኖቻችንና ጥራት ባለው ኬሚካሎች ብቁ ባለሙያ ልናደርጎት ዝግጁ ነን!!

የምንሰጣቸው ስልጠናዎች

  • የላውንደሪ ሳሙና አሰራር
  • የዕቃ ሳሙና አሰራር
  • የእጅ ሳሙና አሰራር
  • የመስታወት ሳሙና አሰራር
  • የሴራሚክ ሳሙና አሰራር
  • የሻምፖ አሰራር
  • የበረኪና አሰራር
  • የሳኒታይዘር አሰራር
  • የፓራፊን አሰራር
  • የአጃክስ አሰራር


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