Adaptive Designs

LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryAgricultural Equipment
Adaptive Designs

Adaptive Designs is a creative design company founded in 2019 by GC based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We are engaged in producing state-of-the-art services on architecture, interior design, turnkey, product design, and furniture production. We follow a user experience-first approach in all of our disciplines in addition to embodying the Ethiopian cultural essence in a contemporary manner.

Paying particular attention to detail and user experience has been our trademark with continuous strive to deliver a high quality of service that meets both project timetables and budgets. Our knowledge of the local markets contributes to the creation of appropriate design solutions responding to location, function, and budget.


When creating buildings, we consider various factors like location, access, size, context, and the user experience and budget whilst maintaining our creative and innovative acumen.

We believe in involving the client in the design process and we excel in the use of visual platforms ranging from initial sketches, computer-generated images, 3d animated videos to in some cases virtual reality (VR) presentations so that the client can understand each aspect of the project and avoid any surprises that come along when the construction process begins.










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