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5A Law Firm LLP

5A  Law Firm LLP is an Ethiopian consulting firm that aspires to be a full-service firm. With a legal team that has over 30 years of experience in advising and representing clients on a wide range of legal matters relating to business and investment in the country.

Conceived and formally established by Ali, Almaw, Alemu, Amare, and Ashenafi (5A Law Firm LLP), is an aspiring full-service Law Firm in Ethiopia. With prominent lawyers and a legal team that has over and above 30 years of experience in consulting and representing clients on a wide range of legal issues concerning business and investment in the country, our Law firm has begun to make its early influence felt on the Ethiopian legal system. he experience of legal experts working at 5A Law Firm LLP goes beyond shaping the Ethiopian legal terrain for many decades, as Partners of 5A Law Firm LLP have had the opportunity to participate in and closely follow the institutional development of the Ethiopian judicial system. Two of the partners at the firm have served as Supreme Court Cassation Bench judges and closely followed up on the institutional changes that took place in the Ethiopian court systems.

We are committed to treating each of our clients with courtesy, respect, and compassion, regardless of the size of their case. We are a firm that will be here in the future, which we’ve guaranteed with a succession plan to maintain our exemplary service to you for decades to come.

Sector & Practice Area


5A Law Firm LLP regularly works with domestic and international clients on business formation and financing as well as myriad corporate transactions, contracts, securities, mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures. Our clients have come to rely on our practical problem-solving skills and our know-how to optimize opportunities when they arise. Our experience in drafting and reviewing contracts enables us to quickly and economically address complicated business issues. Since its beginning, 5A Jurists . 5A Law Firm LLP regularly works with domestic and international clients on business formation and financing as well as myriad corporate transactions, contracts, securities, mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures. Our clients have come to rely on our practical problem-solving skills and our know-how to optimize opportunities when they arise. Our experience in drafting and reviewing contracts enables us to quickly and economically address complicated business issues. Since its beginning, 5A Jurists


5A Law Firm LLP strongly believes the ICT and Telecom industry is a huge sector with significant benefits and potential for a country like Ethiopia with a bright future. We guide technology companies through mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, financings, and diverse agreements and contracts. We have lawyers who have deep knowledge of all aspects of the communications industry — the law, the technology, and the markets. Our team provides legal advice to local and multinational ICT, telecom, and tech companies in matters of information technology and telecommunications. Our roles in the field include; Advising foreign investors on possible areas of investment in the ICT & Telecom sector. Reviewing agreements signed with Ethio-telecom and other financial institutions. Identifying regulatory risks for providing different services in the sector Give legal support to tech, online, and mobile companies on amalgamation and mergers.


Tax issues underlie virtually every business formation, plan, and transaction – whether domestic, international, or cross-border. Tax laws and regulations are more than just considerations; they often drive business strategy, structure, and deal consummation.

5A provides innovative tax solutions that meet the challenges and objectives of clients’ most sophisticated business dealings in Ethiopia, from corporate transactions and restructurings to financial transactions and fund formation and investing. Our Office also provides tax advisory services and assistance for its clients.

Our tax-related services include:

    • Providing rigorous assessment or review of the tax laws and obligations relevant to our clients.
    • Advice on specific privileges and benefits accorded to foreign and domestic investors such as tax holidays, incentives, and duty-free privileges.
    • Assist in obtaining tax clearance from the tax authority and Providing legal advice relating to the tax implications of share transfers.
    • Act on behalf of clients before the Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA), the tax appeal commission, and other judicial forums for administrative and criminal claims.


Our lawyers work together to execute domestic and cross-border transactions with ease, provide timely counsel, and help clients navigate the evolving mining sector in Ethiopia. 5A Law Firm LLP has a strong team of legal experts in mining practice and is ready to provide its advisory services in the following areas; Provide advice on the acquisition of survey, exploration, and mining licenses, and financing of exploration and mining business. Appraisal of draft mining development agreements. Prepare legal survey of the mining sector and preparing high-level legal summaries and responses to jurisdictional questionnaires about the mining sector. Work with the Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas and facilitation of reconnaissance, exploration, and mining licenses. Act on behalf of clients in negotiations and handling their cases related to disputes in connection with exploration and mining rights.


We understand that the employer /employee working relationship may have been built for years based on hard service and mutual understanding. Thus, we recognize that employment matters need to be managed carefully and disputes should be resolved tactfully and as quickly as possible.

Employment law changes rapidly and some areas are complex. We keep up to date with changes in employment law to enable us to offer our clients sound advice tailored to their needs. We advise and assist employers and employees in a range of employment matters from drafting employment contracts to advising in Redundancy or Unfair Dismissal matters (amongst others).

5A Law Firm LLP has highly refined and experienced employment and immigration lawyer’s team. Our office is also keen to work with employers to provide employment law advice, build employee relations and avoid problems through careful planning. We also advise on family and employment-based immigration, non-immigrant and immigrant visas, naturalization and citizenship, and compliance with immigration law. Our legal team provides legal advice to local and foreign investors based on their specific requirements and needs related to employment. Besides, we work with employers to facilitate worker visas and to assist companies to stay in compliance with immigration requirements
We offer a variety of services to clients in matters relating to employment and immigration.

Our services include:

    • Provision of advice on visa requirements and work and residence permits for foreigners and expatriates. Representing clients in employment-related litigations. Assist clients with advice on Ethiopian employment laws, recruitment of Ethiopian and foreign nationals, accommodation of employees in M & A deals, employee privileges, benefits, and entitlements, termination of contracts, redundancy and redeployment, pension and insurance schemes, and compensation.
    • Preparing and revising employment contracts for managerial, non-managerial employees, temporary and permanent employees, Facilitate legal issues for companies through working with relevant regulatory agencies and such as the Ethiopian Investment Commission, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MOLSA),, and the Main Department for Immigration Affairs.


From daily operational issues through investigations and litigation, 5A Law Firm LLP clients include social welfare and philanthropic organizations, certification and accreditation agencies, and scientific and educational societies. Our office also provides legal services to charities and societies about the laws and institutions governing charities and societies in Ethiopia. Consequently, we advise our clients in the registration, dissolution, and winding up of charities and societies in Ethiopia.

5A Law Firm LLP also provides advisory services on legal compliance about charitable contributions and giving in Ethiopia’s context.

We also help our clients to avoid risks, protect their reputations and resolve challenges as quickly, quietly, and inexpensively as possible through our advice on legal matters affecting nonprofits


5A Law Firm LLP’s other key area of focus is the power & energy sector. Ethiopia is a country that is power-thirsty thus, with huge potential and opportunity for companies engaged in the generation of power such as hydro, wind, geothermal, and solar power.

Our office assists clients in the field to pursue their strategic objectives and help them to fulfill the legal requirements needed to form a company and operate in Ethiopia. Our Ethiopian Law Office is fully capacitated with young and prominent lawyers to support both public and private institutions engaged in the energy sector.

Our legal support in the field includes areas such as investments, M&A and strategic joint ventures, finance raising and funds, project development and construction, disputes including litigation and arbitration.

Some of the advisory and representation legal services our lawyers provide in this regard include:

    • Assist or advise companies from the initial stage on investment, company registration and licensing, permits, employment, tax, capital registration, on power generation, transmission and distribution compliance requirements, land and right of way contracts, financing, employment, and enforcement of judgments Providing comprehensive jurisdictional analysis and due diligence reports on the power and energy sector in Ethiopia. Drafting and reviewing (Power Purchasing Agreements) PPAs and negotiating the terms of PPAs with the relevant government authorities.
    • Advice on loan access and viability of projects, social and environmental impact assessments requirements, and community and corporate social responsibility obligations. Assist companies with legal support in reviewing project financing agreements including loan agreements, pledge and mortgage agreements, lender direct agreements, insurance policies. Collaborate with key regulatory agencies and state-owned public enterprises for project development and execution


Our office and experienced lawyers assist clients in the manufacturing and industrial sector clients in forming their manufacturing plants, operational issues and liquidation, and winding up actions. Our legal support extends but not limited to;

Reviewing lease agreements between our clients and government authorities charged with the task. Prepare and review contracts in construction, drilling, design, and management agreements. Prepare contractual agreement on sales, promotional, distribution and supplier, employment contracts for managerial, non-managerial, temporary, and permanent employees.

Advise clients in technology transfer agreements Assist our clients in the preparation and review of domestic and foreign loan agreements, shareholder loan agreements, and security agreements. Give our advice about foreign exchange issues. Provide our legal support with issues related to unfair competition, anti-competitive and price-fixing claims. Entertain and handle claims of tax and customs duties on behalf of our clients and defend same against violations by the Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority.

Facilitate our client’s legal challenges in relevant regulatory agencies such as the Ethiopian Investment Commission, the IPDC, ERCA, TCCPA, federal and regional land, environmental, health, and other bureaus.


Our Dispute Resolution team consists of experienced, trained mediators and arbitrators who assist parties in resolving disputes outside of a court setting.


When intellectual property is one of your primary assets, you need attorneys who understand how to blend legal and business strategies in your best interests. You also need attorneys with a fierce command of litigation

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