Senit Electromechanical

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LocationShola Gebeya, Meseret Building, 2nd Floor, Yeka Subcity, Woreda 8, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryElectric & Electro Mechanical Installation
Senit Electromechanical

SNIT was constituted in 2011 E.C. to provide the highest technological solutions and services in the fields of electrical, mechanical, ICT, security, and communications for private and government-owned organizations in Ethiopia.snit list


Solar Power Energy System

  • To develop smart energy for the benefit of mankind which is helpful in providing cleaner energy.
  • Technological improvements will ensure solar becomes even cheaper.
  • In 2030; solar will have become most important source of energy for electricity production in large part of the world.

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Digital Irrigation System

  • Automate irrigation wireless on a critical distance.sensors pump control and fertilization. Smart Irrigation.
  • Used for countries just working into making an agriculture more sustainable by integrating different technological implementations which is the main target of our company.

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senit targetOur company is equipped to recover mainly through technology. This focuses on electrical, mechanical, and IT and builds on its extensive experience and capabilities. Our technological company is fully equipped to engage in the reconstruction work, with a special and primary focus on Tigray as a whole.




  • GOAL 1 Tracking our company's progress.
  • GOAL 2 Clarity of our company's involvement.
  • GOAL 3 Building our company's support system.
  • GOAL 4 Staying flexible with our company's target.
  • GOAL 5 Keeping our eye on our company's main end golas.
  • GOAL 6 Analyzing and tracking.


SNIT Company is raising supply by 5 percent and delivering services by 12 percent as a short-term objective aimed at Tigray annually.

It is known that the change, which will mean the growth and development of our company in the field of technology, is to be Tigray based.



Strong Team Spirit

  • Full Initiative
  • Organized
  • Great Communication
  • Extensive Collaboration
  • Constructiven


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