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LocationAround African union,  in front of Genet Hotel Taos Tower, Office No.69, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Glory Car Rental Company

Glory Car Rental Company, formerly known as Nitad Car Rental Company, is an Ethiopian car rental company that was founded by Mr. Solomon Teshome in August 2011. Our company is a progressive company eager to expand its operations through a committed approach to customer service and value for money. The company has been in the car rental business since 2011 and has dedicated itself to providing the highest quality of services and cars to various companies and individuals for short and long periods. Our various collections of rental vehicles and efficient customer services are the desirable properties of our company, and we always keep working hard to achieve our motto, which is "safety, comfort, and reliability."Over the past few years, we have gained the trust and respect of many of our customers, and as such, we pride ourselves on knowing and providing what our customers need.

Company Mission

To satisfy our customers by providing them with great cars plus a full set of accessories at a fair price and a full after-rent service.

Company Vision

Becoming the top car rental service provider by implementing efficient, fast, and friendly service provision to ensure our customer's travel experience is safe, comfortable, and reliable.


Due to growing demand and development resulting from population growth and an active tourism industry in Addis Ababa, Glory Car Rental, being a fast-growing and dedicated car rental service provider, dedicated our knowledge to providing quality cars and service that fulfills the public's demand. As a result, most of our customers give us very supportive comments and expressions of appreciation. Our staff is organized to serve its customers with very efficient and experienced staff members who will dedicate their knowledge and experience throughout the whole car rental transaction process.

The list of names of different organizations that we have worked with throughout the years and accepted letters of appreciation and satisfaction is referenced in the service awards and letters of appreciation section at the end of this document.

Why Choose US?

    • Wide selection of various new and old modeled cars with full range accessories for comfort and safety.
    • Professional service.
    • Fair Price.
    • Free Delivery to our customer’s convenient place.
    • 24 hours call Center.
    • Provision of rental cars both with and without driver.
    • None limit mile

Our Services

    • Car Rental
    • Importer
    • Hotel Reservation
    • Ticketing
    • Wedding Coordination


License & Registration

      • All of the legal documentation and revenue for all of our cars are fulfilled.


      • All our cars are legally insured.

Other Legal Certifications

      • We are included FDRE Public Procurement & Property Administration Agency suppliers list.

Our Staff Members

    • Mr. Solomon Teshome: Founder and CEO.
    • Mr. Mitku fekede: Sales and Marketing Manager.
    • Miss kalkidan behailu: Finance Supervisor
    • Netsanet tesfaye: Accountant.
    • Feven wedwosen: Marketer.


Location: Around African union,  in front of Genet Hotel Taos Tower, Office No.69, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mobile:+251 930 60 13 61 | +251 911 22 94 64

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