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Lenssa Construction PLC

Lenssa Construction PLC is one of the emerging Ethiopian construction firms that aims to provide a wide range of civil works and related infrastructure development services, such as the construction of roads, buildings, dams, water and water-related construction works, real estate developments, and drainage systems.

Since being established in 2003 E.C. as a building contractor, we have executed many buildings and projects.

Lenssa Construction Plc has been offering a unique service to the construction sector. It will become a reputable firm whose innovative approach, experience, and competencies are at the service of the industry. As a young firm established with an exclusive approach of engaging in general construction works, the firm will work to gain reputation and creditability due to the quality of its work and commitment to meeting aggressive schedules in executing projects.

We envisaged being the preferred partner and total construction solution provider to the infrastructure development sector.


To be the premier partner of choice in all civil, electrical, and mechanical construction by providing the most cost-effective, efficient, and reliable service.


Quality at the most cost-effective price is the supreme core value of Lenssa Construction Plc. It shall be manifested in the excellent results of our individual and cooperative work. It will become our way of life.

Business Model and Philosophy

Lenssa Construction Plc aimed to be its clients' preferred partner and total solution provider, providing exceptional services in both local and cross-border construction markets. It is the mission of Lenssa Construction Plc to remain competitive in all its markets by proactively anticipating clients’ needs and maintaining motivated, skilled, and best-in-class engineering construction and support teams that are capable of providing unique construction services. By doing so, it aims at generating a reasonable profit for its shareholders as well as continuing to play an active role in the country’s infrastructure and overall development efforts.

The main objective of Lenssa Construction Plc is to consistently fulfill the highest client satisfaction using its expertise in the construction industry. As to the core values, the company strives to:

Conduct business with utmost integrity, accountability, and responsibility to all of its stakeholders;
Contribute to the creation of a conductive competitive atmosphere in terms of cost and quality of construction works;
Develop into one of the leading construction firms in the country that continues to create employment opportunities and provide a wide scale of construction-related services.
Lenssa Construction Plc.’s success and growth in its range of infrastructure development services will result from its owners’ commitment to invest in the latest technology and the adoption of innovative construction methods to be provided to its clients.

Also, the basis for organic growth at Lenssa Construction Plc is the provision of diverse infrastructure development services, engaging in new areas of construction with high growth potential, as well as the emphasis given to putting in place an efficient and improved logistics and supply chain management system, to further provide a detailed account of its operational strategy.


Lenssa Construction Plc's overall strategy will rely on continuous improvement, including the process of setting innovative objectives, measuring results, and providing feedback to facilitate further growth and progress. Included in the schemes are detailed monthly, quarterly, and annual plans and reporting, as well as risk and mitigation management and plans for unforeseen circumstances such as price escalation.

Lenssa Construction Plc adopts a corporate strategy that is dedicated to improving the performance of activities on the critical path of its client's projects. The company does this by building on its core strengths, innovative equipment, construction engineering expertise, project and site management, and an environment of safety excellence.

From the clients’ point of view, this strategy translates into benefits such as project cost reduction, quality construction practices, reduction of set-up time for stakeholders, increased site safety, and review of plans and schedules. In a nutshell, Lenssa Construction Plc will manage any of its clients’ construction projects in a complete, thoughtful, efficient, and cost-effective way.


Lenssa Construction Plc strives to maintain technological leadership through the integrated use of the most up-to-date construction equipment and tools, a well-organized management system, qualified manpower, and healthy financial positions. Besides the ongoing fforts of building comprehensive capabilities and combining professional and technical resources required to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions that fulfill its clients' needs, Lenssa Construction Plc's capabilities are instrumental to meeting the aggressive implementation schedules of all projects.

Organization and Management

Lenssa Construction Plc will work in a decentralized fashion with client-oriented project management and financial, logistical, and administrative goals. The organization of the company follows a well-defined responsibility area structure, with departments functioning as independent functional units. Controlling and monitoring functions are based on close supervision by the senior executives of Lenssa Construction Plc.

Lenssa Construction Plc has been flexibly organized with a structure reliant on a process-based division of responsibilities in order to run an efficient and diversified enterprise. The company is fairly departmentalized and the main functioning entities under General Manager include Engineering (Construction), operation, and Support Service Departments.

Human Resources

Lenssa Construction Plc employs a team of qualified experts with years of solid working experience at industry-recognized companies. A professional approach and attention to the quality of workmanship in all aspects of the project are the key fundamental beliefs of Lenssa Construction Plc. By utilizing in-house developed work practices and procedures, the company aims to ensure maximum efficiencies and productivity, and most importantly, complete client and stakeholder satisfaction.

Equipment and Facilities

Lenssa Construction Plc's entire business operations have been backed by efficient construction equipment, machinery, a fleet management system, and reliable transport equipment. The population includes productive and reliable bulldozers, graders, wheel loaders, compactors, dump trucks, field pickups, etc.

Furthermore, Lenssa Construction Plc's equipment resources match its current and future commitments. While investing in machinery, priority is given to products that reduce unnecessary labor, time, and cost, thereby improving productivity and quality. Efficient concrete mixers, concrete vibrators, plate compactors, steel panel formwork, surveying equipment, etc. are among the additional tools owned.

Competitive Advantage

The pillars that make Lenssa Construction Plc among the first choices in the infrastructure development sector include technology, the quest for quality, partnership, and an efficient logistics system in place.

  • Technology: Lenssa Construction Plc: focus on innovative ideas in both design and construction will result in outputs that look and work better than those of its competitors, making it more likely to be preferred. The company will also utilize cost-efficient construction methodologies that are widely implemented in the developed world. These methodologies allow the company to perform rapid construction without compromising quality standards. They streamline established principles in construction efficiency and save money by reducing construction time, excessive manpower, and material waste.
  • Quality: The construction industry is filled with crudely designed and implemented work. However, zero defects are the cornerstone of Lenssa Construction Plc quality commitment. The company will strive to eliminate anticipated defects that could result in unwanted consequences.
  • Partnership: The operational strategy of Lenssa Construction Plc is to rely on assistance from reputable partners to design, construct, outsource, and finance its projects. It will have firmly established relationships with quality local subcontractors and suppliers for the sourcing of specialized labor, materials, and services.
  • Logistics: At Lenssa Construction Plc, key fulfillment will also be provided by management's dedication to an efficient logistics and supply chain system in place. This will be achieved through a solid network of partners, and cutting-edge professionals who are all dedicated to helping realize the company’s objectives.

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