Samuel Samson Tadesse Chartered Certified Accountant (UK) and Authorized Auditor (Ethiopia)

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LocationTsega Business Center, around Haya Hulet Awraris Hotel, 10th Floor, Room No. K10, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryAudit, Accounting & System Design
Samuel Samson Tadesse Chartered Certified Accountant (UK) and Authorized Auditor  (Ethiopia)

Samuel Samson Tadesse (SST) is a mid-sized, certified audit firm that provides sound and quality professional audit services in Ethiopia.

We are well prepared with highly skilled, dedicated professionals that have mastered world-class techniques to provide you with effective solutions to your requirements.

Our managing partner, Samuel Samson Tadesse, is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), which is based in the United Kingdom, and a B.A. degree graduate with honors from Mekelle University in Accounting and Finance.

He is a young, all-around professional with over seven years of experience performing auditing and accounting services at more than one of Ethiopia's top auditing firms. He has led major audits as an audit manager, senior audit manager, and audit principal. He has specializations in agriculture, construction, educational institutions (schools and colleges), farms, import and export, insurance, mining, manufacturing, NGOs, pharmacies, and service providers that range from small to large scale.


Exceeding clients’ expectations with the provision of sound and reliable professional


  • Service Quality
  • Professional behavior
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality of clients’ information
  • On time delivery of assignments
  • Team work


To become one of the top firms in Ethiopia and eastern Africa by providing sound and quality professional services. We want to be associated with service quality whenever our name comes up.


Auditing and Assurance

We are loaded with extensive techniques that will help us identify major risk areas in your organization and provide you with effective feedback that will enable you to be protected before it is too late.

We understand the value of a risk-based auditing approach in terms of adding value to your organization. We also realize that you value our feedback more than our opinion.

Our experience in internal audit and control also helps us decide whether we should rely on your internal control system or recommend you a better internal control mechanism.

We can assist you with the below services.

  • Statutory Auditing
  • Financial statement audit required for a bank loan
  • Internal auditing
  • Pre-tax assessment audit
  • Fraud investigation reports
  • International Standard on Related Services (ISRS) 4400 Engagements to perform Agreed-upon Procedures regarding Financial Information as promulgated by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)
  • Expenditure verification
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Financial due diligence reports

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping professions are constantly changing as the business world evolves, and we are here to assist you in adapting to the changes that affect your company. Our experienced and qualified accountants make it their business to be concerned about your organization's accounts and to gather the most pertinent information about your organization to assist them in incorporating it into your accounts.

We understand that tax regulations can be complicated and that noncompliance can have serious consequences. SST's accountants keep up to date on the latest tax regulations and ensure that your organization is in compliance.

We will help you identify and apply the best accounting software that is suitable for your organization. We will assist you with the below services.

  • Accounts preparation and supervision
  • Outsourcing
  • Preparation and presentation of financial reports
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Tax advisory
  • IFRS and IPSAS implementations and conversions
  • Payroll processing
  • Training of accounting staff


Having worked in the accounting and auditing sector for many years, we understand that it is a great challenge to have a sustainable and professional finance team. We can assist you in the process of finding a professional qualified accountant for your organization.

The recruitment process includes

  • Developing a structure for the finance department
  • Determining and assigning roles for the finance department
  • Determination of required qualifications and experience for each post on the finance department structure
  • Preparing evaluation tests
  • Preparation of the role description
  • Shortlisting applications
  • Conducting/arranging interviews
  • Salary scale analysis and recommendation

Training and Development

We believe that the best professionals never stop learning. That is why we recommend you schedule training for yourself or your employees every now and then. Feedback from our trainees has proven that they became better at their jobs after our training sessions.IFRS Training

  • IPSAS Training
  • Peachtree computerized accounting software training
  • Quickbook accounting software training
  • SAP accounting software training
  • Training on tax proclamations and regulations
  • E-tax training
  • Training on import and export accounting


Our team of professionals are ready and committed to provide you with a standard professional service that will add greater value to your organization.

Some of the major Engagements


Brief Description of the engagement

Awash Insurance S.Co

IFRS based financial statement,Financial.institution,as Audit Manager

Bunna Insurance S.Co

IFRS based financial statement,Financial.institution,as Audit Manager

Nib Insurance S.Co

IFRS based financial statement,Financial.institution,as Audit Manager

Global Insurance S.Co

IFRS based financial statement,Financial.institution,as Audit Manager

Lucy Insurance S.Co 

IFRS based financialstatement Financial institution,as Audit Manager

Ethio-Agri CEFT PLC

IFRS based financialstatement Financial.institution,asaS.Audit Manager

Ghion Hotel

IFRS based financial statement Hotel, Audit Manager

Gift edhands education services PLC

IFRS based financial statement PLC, Audit Manager

HEYDAY hotel

GAAP based financial statement PLC,S.Audit Manager

Elbethel KG-Preparatory school

PLC, as Audit Manager


PLC,as Audit Principal

Unforgotten faces Ethiopia

IPSAS based financial statement NGO,asAudit Principal

Sport the Bridge international NGO

IPSAS based financial statement NGO,as Audit Principal


IPSAS based financial statement NGO,as Audit Principal

African union staff creditunion

NGO,as Audit Principal

Trampled Rose INC.

NGO,as Audit Principal

International Ethiopian Evangelical church development organization Joshua youth center

NGO,as Audit Principal

Hope for Youth development organization

NGO,as Audit Principal

Christian services international

NGO,as Audit Principal

CARE Ethiopia

NGO,as Audit Manager

PLAN International Ethiopia-Project audits

NGO,as.Audit Manager

Selam Children’s’Village

NGO,as Audit Manager

Mercy Corps-Project audits

NGO,as .AuditManager

Canadian physicians for aid and relief(CPAR)-Ethiopia

NGO,as Audit Manager

Dorcas Aid Ethiopia

NGO, Audit Manager

The Born Free Foundation

NGO, Audit Manager

Organization for Welfare Development in Action (OWDA)

NGO, Audit manager

Ethio Organic Seed Action (EOSA)

NGO , Investigation Audit , Audit manager

Joshua Multipurpose Cooperative Society with Limited


Microfinance institution Investigation Audit ,Audit Principal

And other medium & small organizations



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