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LocationTorhayloch, Dream Tower, Office No. 603, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Liban Impex

Liban Impex provides high-quality and trusted import & export services of quality goods such as Export: coffee, fruits, oilseeds, beans, and fresh vegetables Import: power tools, hand tools, pneumatic tools wood and metal working tools building materials electrical equipment and machinery and others.

Liban Impex believes in sustainable community engagement and involvement.

therefore has created jobs for the local youth by providing extra training in addition to the already in-place indigenous coffee cultivating and Processing

Our Mission
Our mission is to become one of the leading import and export companies in the GCC and Ethiopia.

Our Vision
Our vision is to provide reliable and trusted services to all our stakeholders while ensuring excellent customer service.

We Value
We take action and speak under our beliefs of total Satisfaction, Commitment, and consistency in the ways we operate our business.

we are devoted to satisfying our customers' needs by providing a wide range of quality products a competitive prices and on-time deliveries

we are committed to serving the highest quality Ethiopian coffee and fruits.

we are always consistent in behave of our service and products.

Export Coffee
1coffEthiopia is widely acknowledged as the birthplace of producing the most dramatic coffee beans known for their pungent and distinct wildness in their acidity from any other coffee beans found anywhere in the world.

We source our coffee beans directly from local farmers
Oromia region

      • Bale zone harenna buluq wareda
      • Harenna forest
      • Baayyoo
      • Harsuunoo
      • Qumbii
      • Gabbicho
      • Buluk

Export Avocado
1avThe avocado is a medium-sized, evergreen tree in the laurel family that is rich in protein

Avocado variety

      • Hass
      • Ethinger
      • Fruity
      • Pinkerton


      • Oromia
      • Sidama
      • Southwest Ethiopia
      • South Ethiopia region

Export Oil seeds and beans
Ethiopian sesame seed is ranked the number one oilseed in the Horn of Africa and among the top ten producers globally.


Other services


      • Angle Grinder
      • Angle Polisher
      • Aspirator Blower
      • Circular Saw
      • Cordless drill
      • Cordless Screwdriver
      • Demolition Breaker
      • Drywall Screwdriver
      • Electric Drill
      • Glue Gun
      • Heat Gun
      • Impact Drill
      • Impact Wrench
      • Jig Saw
      • Li-ion Cordless Drill
      • Li-ion Cordless Impact Drill
      • Marble Cutter
      • Mini Drill Kit
      • Plastic Tube Welding Tool
      • Rotary Hammer
      • Spray Gun


      • 1100W Tile Cutter  
      • 1500W Table Saw
      • 150W Bench Grinder
      • 1600W Mitre Saw
      • 1800W Mitre Saw
      • 1800W Mitre Saw
      • 2350W Cut Of Saw
      • 350W Band Saw
      • 350W Bench Grinder
      • 350W Drill Press
      • 750W Drill Press
      • 800W Tile Cutter
      • Mitre Saw


      • 12Pcs Bi-metal Hole Saw Set 
      • 12Pcs Router Bits Set
      • 16Pcs Drill BIts And Screwdriver Bits Set
      • 16Pcs Metal, Concrete, Wood Drill Bits Set
      • 20Pcs Taps And Dies Set
      • 25Pcs HSS Twist Drill Bits Set
      • 4Pcs Hss Twist Drill Bits Set
      • 5Pcs Hammer Drill Bits Set
      • 5Pcs Masonry Drill Bits Set
      • 6Pcs HSS Twist Drill Bits Set
      • Abrasive Cutting Discs
      • Abrasive Grinding Discs
      • Diamond Cutting Disc
      • Flap Disc
      • Hole Core Bit Set
      • HSS Twist Drill Bit
      • Jig Saw Blade
      • M2 HSS Twist Drill Bit
      • Masonry Drill Bit
      • PLUS Chisel
      • PLUS Hammer Drill Bit
      • Screwdriver Bit
      • TCT Saw Blade
      • Wire Brushes

1gf 1


      • Diesel Generator
      • Diesel Water Pump
      • Gasoline Engine
      • Gasoline Generator
      • Gasoline Water Pump
      • Silent Diesel Generator
      • Super Silent Diesel Generator


      • AC Automatic Voltage Regulator
      • Battery Charger
      • Carbon Steel Electrode Rod
      • Cast Iron Electrode Rod
      • Earth Clamp
      • Electrode Holder
      • Flux-cored welding wire
      • Inverter MMA
      • MAG/MIG
      • MIG Torch Gun
      • Solid wire for gas arc welding


      • 1″Air Impact Wrench
      • 1/2″Air Impact Wrench
      • 1/2″Reversible Air Drill
      • 2 IN 1 Nailer & Stapler
      • Air Blow Gun
      • Air Brad nailer
      • Air Compressor
      • Air Die Grinder
      • Air Hose
      • Air Ratchet Wrench
      • Air Sander
      • Air Spray Gun
      • Air Stapler
      • Air Tire Inflating Gun
      • Air Tools 5pcs Set
      • Air Washing Gun
      • Auto Air Compressor
      • Booster Cable
      • Ga18 Brad Nail
      • Ga18 Crown Staple
      • Ga22 Crown Staple
      • Air Hammer


      • Concrete Mixer
      • Electric Concrete Vibrator
      • Floor Saw
      • Gasoline Concrete Vibrator
      • Plate Compactor
      • Power Trowel
      • Reversible Plate Compactor
      • Tamping Rammer
      • Vibrator Poker


      • 4˝ Deep Well Pump
      • Automatic Pump Control
      • Automatic Self-Priming Jet Pump
      • Centrifugal Pump
      • Clean Submersible Pump
      • Control Box For Deep Well Pump
      • Peripheral Pump
      • Self-Priming Automatic Peripheral Pump
      • Self-Priming Jet Pump
      • Self-Priming Peripheral Pump
      • Sewage Submersible Pump

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Address:-Torhayloch Dream Tower, 6th floor 603, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mobile no:- +251 922 652 980