System Construction PLC

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Sub City Yeka
Woreda 10
LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryGeneral Construction
System Construction PLC

SYSTEM CONSTRUCTION PLC is registered and licensed Grade eight (GC 8) Civil Works General Contractor in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The firm is also registered for VAT by Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority and it is a Taxpayer.
System Construction is a qualified and energetic; established in January 25, 2020 G.C by civil engineer and construction manager. The company is engaging in construction sector aiming to make a significant contribution to the development of the country’s economy.
The unique feature of the company is that all its founders are qualified and energetic professionals open to innovate new ideas and technologies essential for the achievement of the objectives of the company and its clients.

System construction PLC was founded by civil engineer and construction manager  Hirut Tadesse, The founder is experienced with construction in the sector. This construction company aiming to build an institute which cares professionalism, quality, excellence, efficiency, and researches in the construction sector.The founder is qualified, energetic, inventive and open minded for new ideas to inspire professionalism. System construction aims to make differences in the construction sector by constructing any civil engineering structure to finishing works with desired, aesthetic, efficient and effective frame of work cooperating with the laws of the country by assuring the interest of the client.

Main line of business
- Construction of building, road, water supply and irrigation project.
- Construction of drainage, seaware lines and earth retaining structures.
- Construction of all finishing works.
- Supply and implementing modern construction materials and technology.
- Construction equipment rental.
- Supply construction materials

- Trade License
- Certificate of Competency
- Commercial registration and Business License
- Tax payer registration TIN
- VAT registration certificate

Vision :- To be a cross border, reputable construction company
To Construct and deliver quality and safe buildings, road, bridges and any construction works based on standards and specifications for the interests of the client; engage in any other business activities; which the company may think relevant to enhance the above-mentioned business goals of the company.

The strategic direction is to engage in the country’s development activities including:
- To construct civil structural works and finishing works in relation to the law of the land.
- To implement professionalism and ethics in the industry.
- To provide training and workshops to exhibit improvements in the sector.
- To deliver quality works as per the given time frame.
- To create an institute committed for excellence and professionalism.

These strategic objectives are implemented through hiring competent professional for the right position that states “Right persons for the Right Positions”; pillar motto of the company. The company will retain and develop its own identities and business ideas but can work, cooperate and with others.

Core Values

- Teamwork
- Innovation
- Endurance
- Ethics and Professionalism
- Time bounded
- Quality first
- Standing for environmental protection
Current Status

As the Company is a recently established company; it is looking for joint ventures, sub contracts and contracts of construction works to deliver in accordance of the specifications, drawings and the Laws of the country for the interest of the client. Currently, the company has well-organized teams for sub-contract and main contract works including:-

- Concrete Works
- Finishing Works
- Formwork Works
- Bar Bending Works
- Masonry and retaining Works
- HCB wall Works
- Excavation Works
- Building  Finishing  work

Currently, the company is running the following sub contract work;

- Finishing work (Plastering works,Terrazzo flooring, Gypsum works, Painting works  for G+4 Gara Gore primary school Building  maintenance work  which was from Yeka subcity administration construction office, located around Ayate adebabaye Addis Ababa.

- Block works,carpentery and joinery works ,electrical works, Masonary work  for G+4 Gara Gore primary school Building  maintenance work  which was from Yeka subcity administration construction office, located around Ayate adebabaye Addis Ababa.
- Subcontract  Form work and Block works for Private residential building located in Laga Tafo Oromia Region.