Circuit Technology Group PLC

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LocationAround Stadium, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Circuit Technology Group PLC

Circuit Technology Group PLC is a multi-Disciplinary Electromechanical and Information Technology Company in Ethiopia. The company is established to provide services in power systems, control and automation systems, air conditioner and refrigeration systems, Telecom and Networking, security control and building automation, fire and safety systems, Metalwork engineering, reverse engineering, and fabrications for both industrial and commercial Areas

Our Mission

Circuit Technology Group Plc. strives to serve the industry sector in Electrical, electro-mechanical, IT, and telecommunication engineering. Our mission is to bring up-to-date trends in electro-mechanical and telecommunication technology and high-quality service along with engineering to address customer industry requirements.

Our Vision

  •  In 2025 to be the most competitive service provider in Ethiopia in Electromechanical, Electrical, IT, and telecommunication works
  • To be a leader in Electromechanical, Electrical, IT, and telecommunication works in Ethiopia As well as in Africa by accelerating your company operations to meet national and International standards.

Our Services

Network Design and Build

Providing structured cabling system solutions and technology,. EEAL specializes in the designing, installation and maintenance of different modes of communications which includes copper, fiber or wireless. From the network design, to installation, testing and documentation, we ensure that the customer gets everything needed for a reliable up-to-date infrastructure that will support the newest technologies.

CCTV and Access Control

We are premier video (CCTV) installers, authorized installers of the latest state-of-the-art access control equipment, and time attendance for HR and payroll purposes.

Cooling system for Mission Critical Application

Using ASHRAE Thermal guidelines, we design, install and maintain precision air conditioning solutions for industries, ICT Networks/Data Centers and Mission Critical Applications, using the latest technologies.

Network and Audit Service

It is more than just an art; it is a progressive engineering process! We offer Dashen Bank Data Centers Solution providing end-to-end solutions from Tier 1 to Tier 3 by designing, building, and maintaining both green field and brown field Data Centers.

Research and Development

We have a dedicated team of professionals who are tasked with researching the trends in the ICT field with the objective of making EEAL offer their customers new or improved products, processes, and services. We also audit and offer consultancy services for Data Centers. Our passion it to deliver a clean, well-groomed Data Room.

Contact Us

Location: Around stadium, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mobile: +251 970 28 28 28

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