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Sub City Bole
LocationBole sub-city, Woreda 06, On the Main Road from Megenagna to Gurdshola, near Century Mall, at the Senper Building, 1st Floor, Office No. 105, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryBuilding/Construction Materials and Equipment
Farfa Trading PLC

Farfa Trading is an Ethiopian General Trading firm involved in the supply of construction materials, construction works, supply of stationery materials, construction equipment renting services, mining and quarry works, real estate, consultancy works, logistics and transportation services, import and export of vehicles, spare parts import and supply, and agriculture-related works.

Farfa Trading is a general trading firm established in accordance with the commercial code of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) in the year 2021 (2014 E.C.).

Since its inception, the primary target of the company has been to complete its services on time and deliver quality products and services. The satisfaction of clients is most important to the company. Maintaining high levels of professionalism and demonstrating ethical standards are cornerstones of our operational framework.

Our Company motto is  "Solid basis for a brighter future“

The company always strives to stay a step ahead of its competitors by rendering quality products and services and by investing in the development of its staff. In addition to our dedication, we continuously work to identify and espouse new technologies for the betterment and enhancement of the services and products we deliver to the satisfaction of our clients.

The main goals of Farfa Trading Plc. encompass the following:

  • Maintain its decisive position in the domestic market and increase its involvement in foreign markets as well.
  • Contribute to the growth of the construction, transport, and agriculture industry in Ethiopia by espousing superior and safe standards as pars of its operational framework.
  • Maintain a maximum level of customer satisfaction.
  • Thrive to insure the professional development of its staff.
  • Keep providing high-quality service to satisfy our business partners.

Farfa Trading key target customers are

  • The Government
  • NGOs
  • Private Firms
  • Individual Investors


  • To be a leading and dependable construction, transportation, and agriculture firm that offers high quality services to the Ethiopian and East African markets.
  • The stated vision is to be realized while taking into account resource utilization and contributions to national and global economic development. 


In order to realize its vision, Farfa Trading has set the following missions:

A) Fulfill customer requirements
B) Staff, develop and maintain professionals who possess the following qualities:

  • Qualified
  • Competent
  • Skilled
  • Knowledgeable
  • Visionary
  • Creative
  • Dynamic
  • Working with team spirit
  • Flexible
  • Intelligent

C) Apply State-of-the-Art in construction, transport & agriculture machineries

D) Maintain appropriate working facilities, necessary materials and adequate fund

E) Establish, implement and maintain formal Quality Management System according to international standard

F) Increase efficiency at all levels of operation

G) Raise overall company performance

H) Undertake environment friendly construction, transport & agriculture activities


The seven (7) values of FARFA TRADING are: -

  • Trustworthy Operations: Winning the trust of our esteemed customers
  • Customer Satisfaction: Making ‘Customer Satisfaction’ one of our key success indicators
  • Ethical operations: Maintaining business operations that are in compliance with the principles of business ethics
  • Employee development: Establishing and maintaining an environment and situation in which employees can grow in their careers and economy.
  • Efficiency: Optimizing our work processes in such a way as to reduce unnecessary wastage of resources and increase output.
  • Teamwork: Believing and acting on the reality that our firm is a society that cannot realize its purposes without team cooperation and a unity of purpose.
  • Environment Consciousness: Ensuring that the company’s business processes, inputs, and outputs are environment-friendly.

Business Sectors

  • Supply works of Construction material
  • Construction equipment renting services
  • Construction works
  • Supply of stationary material
  • Consultancy works
  • Transporting Services
  • Mining and Quarry Works
  • Real-estate
  • Import and Export
  • Vehicle, Spare parts import & supply
  • Agriculture related works


Location: Bole sub-city, Woreda 06, On the Main Road from Megenagna to Gurdshola, near Century Mall, at the Senper Building, 1st Floor, Office No. 105, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mobile 1: +251 944 60 00 15
Mobile 2: +251 944 60 00 16
Email: farfatrading2021@gmail.com


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