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CityLink Realtors

CityLink Realtors is a leading real estate agency firm in Ethiopia engaged in cutting edge marketing and sales for its respected exclusive partner developers. Currently, the luxurious Nas Towers belonging to real estate mogul, Hub Properties is out for sale.

We are excited in bringing you this new lavish project where the focus is on providing luxury homes that are also affordable. We, alongside our partners aspire to create & build apartment units considering different types of income groups in Ethiopia.

The maximum quality standard housing that are suitable for every household are always within reach inside our towers.

We are here to provide 24/7 active and reachable customer service team along with website & social platforms, where customers can contact us anytime from anywhere around the world.

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Performance...Not Promises

Our representation provides credibility, strength, and value to ensure our clients achieve their dream of living in a senseful home. It is our fundamental belief that all equity at the point of achieving housing needs belongs to our dearest clients.

Integrity. Transparency. Competency

These principles direct our actions, ensuring that each client is treated with the utmost care and respect. Buyers are kept up to date on all aspects of apartment ownership via a transparent negotiation process in which all customers receive complete disclosure. We are not afraid to turn down business and prefer to work with clients who share our values, ethics, and competence.


  • Identifying the current construction quality, housing probem and typology in Ethiopia.
  • Targetting not only the HIG, but also the MIG society.
  • Reaching towards client with different means of customer service and platforms

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Affordable Luxury

The first thing clients notice about a housing option is its price. However, the affordability of a residential unit is closely followed by the features we offer. The more luxurious features added to the property that its price goes significantly higher. But working on ways to Incorporate both Hub properties has made the dream of a luxurious and affordable house possible for one and all. There are various options available in the market where customers get a facility and amenity-rich option within an affordable price range. It is no secret that the highest demand in Ethiopian real estate comes from the mid-income segment of buyers, but these buyers also aspire for a more luxurious living experience. We can cater to this demand by innovatively scaling and managing to do so, we create a win-win situation for everyone.

How affordable luxury works

An important dynamic for affordable luxury housing is that luxury is always relative in the consumer's eyes. The imperative in The goal of low-cost luxury projects is to provide a distinct luxury flavor and experience. One critical factor that must be considered when pricing the project is the mid-income segment of buyers.

Important Differentiators

Affordable luxury project provides a comparable luxury experience by leveraging the benefits of less expensive in the same locations, as well as the quality of high-grade brands that in all ways match their more glamorous counterparts in style, efficiency, durability and advanced features without the staggering costs involved

A Unique and Growing Segment

A very important factor in affordable luxury projects is that they do compete with projects aimed at only ultra-high-income buyers.
They are designed to meet the aspirations of middle- income buyers who want to upgrade to a superior lifestyle & high- income buyers
who want to store additional asset.


Typology is both a useful analytical tool and a conceptual frame of reference with which to generate form. Housing lends itself particularly well to typological study because it embodies fundamental human needs that have given rise to distinct architectural types. In exploring the theme of middle- and high-income group housing typologies in the city center, the design projects featured in Hub properties take a typological approach in fringe sites. This work demonstrates the value of the typological method and offers an alternative to the current fascination with novelty as the primary design strategy.


Location: Wollo Sefer, Garad City Center, 3rd Floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia website: