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Awash Cargo Ride Services

Awash Cargo Ride Services, established in 2019, is a legally registered technology-based logistics service provider company in Ethiopia and beyond. The company, which is owned and run by young, visionary, and energetic professionals, aspires to provide cutting-edge solutions to tackle the logistics and supply chain bottlenecks in our national and regional economies.

Awash Cargo Ride employs cutting-edge and time-tested tools and technologies to achieve its goal. It adheres to operational, monitoring, and quality improvement (QI) frameworks. Awash Cargo Ride has served an increasing number of clients with its services — both standard and corporate cargo — in a relatively short period of time since its inception.

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Our products and services are manifestations of our complete adherence to our core values. The river Awash, one of the biggest rivers in Ethiopia, that Awash Cargo Ride is named after, is reliable and kind water to millions of people, and its regular visit is fondly expected as a friend. Awash Cargo owes the river not only its name but also its characteristics, which are congruent with the company’s core values of Fidelity, Reliability, Innovation, Enthusiasm, Dynamism, and Sympathy (FRIENDS).


Awash Cargo Ride provides comprehensive logistics, consulting, and training services. Some of our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Corporate Cargo | Logistic Services
  • Standard Cargo | Logistic Service
  • Technology and Training
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Product Management
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (QI) Services
  • Call center management, customer care, and service efficiency
  • E-Wallet Debit/Credit Payment System

In addition to these services, Awash Cargo Ride is finalizing preparations to introduce its Awash Plus service, which enables the company to expand its services by providing accessible warehouses and Awash Vans furnished with additional access to credit card service. As part of our care and development of our workforce, Awash Cargo Ride will also arrange options by which our company drivers and other interested employees can own the Awash Vans and continue working with the company as partners.



Awash Cargo Ride has established a wide network of truck owners and associations and has made a partnership agreement to ensure the availability of reliable and timely logistics services. Currently, there are more than 15,000registered vehicles of individuals, partners, and affiliated unions The list of owners and the number of unions joining our network are still growing by the day.

Within a short period, since it began its operation, Awash Cargo Ride has already provided transportation and other logistics services to several small and megacompanies. We have earned a reputation for the safe and timely delivery of diverse kinds of shipments, which include factory raw materials, construction materials, Materials and machinery, food items, cereals, and other perishable and nonperishable items with the respective safety and care needed for each category of the shipments. 


At the core of our successful accomplishments so far and our confidence to deliver impeccable logistics services are our committed and experienced

operational and management teams Our workforce is comprised of a seasoned management team that involves professionals tested in challenging situations and who have demonstrated skills in establishing as well as leading mega companies. The blend of the management team and the field experts that coordinate the dynamic day-to-day operations has given Awash Cargo Ride the rare edge of efficiency and dependability demanded in the sector.



The company has developed its own logistics Mobile Application called Awash Cargo. The application is user-friendly, simplified, and reliable. (Download the Awash Cargo Ride Mobile App from the Play Store) Using the Awash Cargo Ride Mobile App, our clients can place orders, and get full information on the price and rate for our services, as well as details of the contact person for the requested service. Moreover, the app allows our clients to track and monitor the actual location and status of their cargo online. The app is currently in the final phase of testing.

Using the Awash Cargo Ride Mobile App, our clients can place orders, and get full information on the price rate for our services and additional instructions as well as details of the contact person for the requested service. Moreover, the app allows our clients to track and monitor the actual location and status of their cargo online. The app is currently in the final phase of testing.


Awash Cargo Ride uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to pinpoint the nearest driver, and likewise to allow the driver to give an accurate expected time of arrival (ETA). The GPS is also helpful in ensuring the security and safety of our drivers and the property of our clients


For reliable communications, Awash Cargo Ride uses the KDT 5000 system design because it provides the company with multiple levels of reliability that ensure Communications essential to the efficiency and quality of the services we provide are maintained under the most rigorous conditions.



Awash Cargo Ride job orders can be made in any convenient way our clients prefer. Our clients can request our services through traditional in-person meetings and sign official agreements, or they can also use our mobile platform and call centers. However, we equally provide our quality services irrespective of our client's job order preferences.


The Call Center allows Awash Cargo Ride to provide a timely service using a system designed to make instant data processing and decision-making based on its algorithmic analytics. The system analyzes and makes decisions instantly through all the processes that include incoming calls, identifying the closest vehicle in real-time, notifying the dispatcher, and tagging the vehicles in the closest zone, the neighboring zones, and on the way to the zone


Similar to the options we have for ordering our services, we have flexible payment options for our clients. We accept almost all payment methods available in the country, including in-person cash payments, wire transfers through the bank, mobile banking, and e-wallet transactions. However, the type of payment method our clients choose will have a very slight variation on the speed of service they get from us due to the variation in approval time that depends on the confirmation time of the payment. Under limited circumstances, Awash Cargo Ride can provide its service with credit for its long-term clients that are reliable and have established a good credit history and working relationship with us.


Awash Cargo Ride has established a long-term partnership with repair garages & facilities with ample space and capacity for all operations. By doing so, our vehicles have timely access to a repair facility at the nearest location.


Awash Cargo Ride gives the utmost priority to customer satisfaction and the importance of having a quality improvement (QI) mechanism in expanding and improving its services. Hence, every compliance and feedback from our clients and other informants will be used as inputs to measure the satisfaction level of our customers and to improve the process and quality of services we provide.


Some of our clients include,

  • Oromia Construction Corporation
  • Biftu Adugna Share Company
  • Mugar Cement Factory
  • Dangote Cement Factory
  • Derba Cement Factory
  • Qerchase Coffee Exporter
  • The Federal Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Agency, and many others.

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Location: Kazanchis area, Osac Business Center, 2nd Floor, Room 211, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Phone: +251 115 57 75 66
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