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Primary CategoryLifts/Elevators, Escalators Installation
HD Engineering PLC

Our company is a modernized and professional elevator & escalator supplier that integrates the design, sales, installation & commissioning, testing and inspection, and maintenance into a whole. We are becoming among the leading elevator suppliers, and we have some cooperated & affiliated factories from China and Japan.

HD Engineering was established in 2015 G.C Informally with an initial capital of birr 500,000.00 and recently raised over 5,000,000.00 The Company has been engaged in different electro-mechanical works including the Import and Installation of high-quality Elevators. Our main products and services include Passenger lift, freight lift, panoramic lift, hospital lift, car lift, home lift, dumb waiter lift, and escalator. We provide elevators with machine room and machine room less, speed from 0.3m/s to 8m/s. Elevator with VVVF drive and smart sensor control. They apply to residences, business buildings, factories, shopping centers, airports, bus stations, and other places.

Our elevator & escalator technology comes from Japan & Germany it is very precise and efficient but the operation is simple, it can be mastered by engineers easily. And our mechanical design technology is advanced and can fit different requirements of customers.

Most of our Elevator suppliers are the biggest parts manufacturer in the world. Le. Schneider Germany, Fuji Star Elevator Group China, and Japan Fuji International from Japan all are the leading factories in the elevator and escalator parts industry in the world.


Our company installed elevators throughout Ethiopia in different areas including Addis Ababa, Oromia Region as well in Tigray & Amhara region. All of the elevators which had been installed are running very well. We strive to generate long-term returns for customers by conducting our business in a profitable, responsible, and transparent manner.

Our objective is to serve our clients with superior quality and standardized Products and services of elevators and escalators, excellent service, and building strong and successful
a company that is a leader in customer service.

We have skilled experienced and well-organized personnel in all departments' Le. Sales, installation, maintenance, and after-sales services.

Our vision is to transport customers into the up-to-date innovation and technology in Elevator and Escalator engineering for design, manufacturing, assembling, testing & inspection.

We have visualization to construct the most competitive engineering towards electro-mechanical works in Ethiopia as well in Africa through integrated qualified and experienced personnel with the required specializations & expertise in the sector with the most valuable and proficient exactitude.


  • To exceed the customer's expectations by serving innovative and up-to-date technologies.
  • To be the leading company in terms of customer satisfaction through diligent services.
  • To be the best choice for professionals as well as customers by creating conformity and a healthy environment.
  • To be a research & development center for the country as a whole in the elevator and escalator sector.

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