Yonatan Aluminum and Glass work

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LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryAluminium Installation & Supplies
Yonatan Aluminum and Glass work

Yonatan Aluminum and Glass work is a professional private company that specializes in aluminum installation and glass work. We are dedicated to quality and environmental management. Our company is based in Addis Ababa and works on projects all over Ethiopia.

Yonatan Aluminum and Glass work intends to make significant socioeconomic contributions to the country, including the creation of new job opportunities for several citizens and the implementation of modern finishing works for the country. With the experience of the owner in the field of aluminum work, the company is ready to get into the construction field and make a huge difference.

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To be organized as an excellent company and competitive actor in Ethiopia, undertaking all types of finishing construction work both nationally and internationally. The organization’s vision is to upgrade its category from the present level to the highest tip level and participate in all kinds of construction and aluminum works by creating a wide range of skilled and unskilled manpower.


To provide outstanding performance in the most cost-effective way and at the best time possible by delivering ethical, reliable, and quality service, thereby exceeding the satisfaction of all stakeholders. We, the leaders and followers of Yonatan Aluminum and Glass work, are a professional company Yonatan Aluminum and Glass work will thrive as a company that is dedicated to high values and strives to meet the needs of its customers, employees, managers, and stakeholders. Create and sustain a combination of individual excellence and communal values among our employees that will ensure the vitality, strength, and propagation of the company. The company upholds the maximum level of success by implementing an effective cleaning method by providing marginal cost to our clients and stakeholders.


Yonatan Aluminum and Glass work is highly committed to the following ideas,


Yonatan Aluminum and Glass work is committed to providing the highest quality professional finishing construction work in Ethiopia.This commitment is maintained through the efforts of its dedicated and experienced staff. It also has an efficient and effective organizational structure, modern and diverse machinery and equipment, a proactive logistic system, and extensive experience working for international clients and with various international partners as subcontractors and in joint venture-based finishing and construction works.


Yonatan Aluminum and Glass work is striving to exceed its clients’ highest expectations by adhering to best project management practices, devising and implementing the most efficient and innovative approach, utilizing its large pool of resources effectively, and providing the highest quality in performance.

Yonatan Aluminum and Glass work endeavors to build excellent client relationships through effective leadership, superior customer service, creative solutions, and hard work.


Yonatan Aluminum and Glass work are specialized in teamwork that is made up of a workforce that has the right expertise combined with past personal experience. This ensures that our clients are dealt with the best possible care. Yonatan Aluminum and Glass work fosters cooperative efforts among all employees.


Yonatan Aluminum and Glass work view profitability as a way to strengthen the company and as a means to perform more desirable projects and provide a better working environment. Project work that is oriented toward quality service and committed to client satisfaction is the basis of our profitability.


Yonatan Aluminum and Glass work Trust that everything is created by God's will. We have believed in the free market that follows the free bid and is open to all that embraces all free will. Our company is highly dependent on its dedicated staff, so for every job, we hold everyone’s input (responsibility) in high regard. Nothing is stagnant. Change is a phenomenon. We prepare ourselves for change and growth. This will tide us over an economic tempest and help us start over from scratch. We believe in the Golden Rule and we believe that God will always prevail over evil.

Objectives and Goals

  • To survive as business entity
  • To raise our operational capacity
  • To add our purchase efficiency
  • To conclude all capacity requirements
  • To boost the human resource satisfaction level
  • To also enhance the satisfaction level of our customer to maximum level.

Scope of Service

The main scope of company is to provide best finishing construction works and aluminum work with supplying service in the business sector. Arrange of compressive sector in is offered in the following areas.

Building Finishing Construction Works

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Finishing works of low and high-rising buildings, schools, health centers, residential houses, etc.

Aluminum Works and Supply Services

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Double Glazing, LTZ, Dome, Cladding, handrails, cabinets, curtain walls, etc.


Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone No: +251 919 19 51 59
Email: yonatanhenos057@gmail.com