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LocationLideta Sub-City, Woreda-08, Mekonnen Bitew Building, 3rd Floor, Office No. C/19, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryConsultancy/ Business and Investment

BNB CONSULTING PLC was established with a commitment to contribute to the development of management consultancy and capacity building in Ethiopia. To better serve the needs of the client, the firm works with associate consultants of high caliber and motivation who have proven track records in their professional lives. In addition, the consulting firm collaborates with other consulting firms as part of a consortium, complementing its strengths and supporting weaknesses. Our mission is to help businesses improve their performance by providing high-quality training and consulting services.

"We are Committed to Solve YOUR Organizational Problems, Direct you Toward Business Opportunities, and Help YOU Achieve SUCCESS & GROWTH!!"

Our service offerings 

Organizational (Management) System Design & Development Services 

  • Developing Strategic Plans, Designing Organizational Structures and Pay Scales, Business Plans, and Other Tools of Organizational Management

Research & Development

  • Socio-Economic Surveys, Project Baseline, midterm, and final surveys, market surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, etc.

Entrepreneurial/Business Development & Self-Help Services

  • Providing professional support (training, motivation, and guidance) to such communities as women & the youth in areas including life skills, business incubation & development, self-employment skills & traits, resource/fund mobilization, business organization & leadership, market linkage, etc.

Staffing & HR Development Services

  • HR planning, Recruitment, Selection, Orientation, Training, & Performance management services to other organizations.

Administrative and System Manuals

  • Developing Manuals on Administrative and HRM, Finance, Marketing & Sales, Procurement & Supply Management, etc.

Capacity Building

  • Short & Medium Term Training: Entrepreneurship & SBM, Leadership, Finance, Logistics, HRM, Marketing & Sales, and Many Others. 
  • Certification & Degree Programs-in collaborate with local as well as foreign institutions.

Project Management Services

  • Project Identification, Feasibility Studies, Appraisal & Selection, Project Planning, and Project Monitoring & Evaluation Services.

Agency Services to Local and Foreign Organizations

  • On Company & Product Registration, Patent & Copy Right Protection, Asset Valuation & Management, etc.

 Other Organizational & Management Consultancy Services.


The consulting firm uses a network structure consisting of autonomous teams working independently. Each team has a leader, and there is a strong communication flow between the team leaders and the manager. The manager and the team leaders make up the management of the firm. The general manager is responsible for ensuring that clients get maximum satisfaction with the services provided by the consulting firm.

bnb consulting

Working relationship and experience of BNB

Since its establishment, BNB Consulting PLC has already secured active relationships with various organizations. Some of them are listed here.

  • Private Sector Businesses – BEAEKA General Business PLC, Gift Real Estate PLC, Ayat Sh. Co., Selam Bus Line Co., BoMoj Integrated Livestock Industry Sh. Co., SAMKIT Steel PLC, Abadir Engineering PLC, TGMMF, etc.
  • NGOs—Selam Ethiopia, LiveAddis, ERDA, IRCE, GNSC, CRS,
  • Government Agencies & Public Enterprises: Ethiopian Management Institute (EMI), Ethiopian Press Agency, FDRE-ENA, etc.

BNB has successfully delivered various consultancy and capacity-building services that effectively addressed the organizations’ needs and problems at various levels. The services include recruitment; organizational structure and salary scale design; HR system manual development; training; and other related packages. These accomplishments have helped the consulting firm further strengthen its relationship with its clients as well as Build new relationships.


Location: Lideta Sub-City, Woreda-08, Mekonnen Bitew Building, 3rd Floor, Office No. C/19, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mobile 1: +251 913 73 10 05
Mobile 2: +251 913 11 31 62