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LocationBole Friendship Building 2nd floor R# 213, 237, 238 and 5th floor 501/4, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryIT Solutions/Center
Madot Computer Solutions PLC

Madot Computer Solutions PLC is engaged in the supply and support of computer and office machines, telecom network installation, software development, and ICT goods in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The company is committed to providing valued customers with high-quality service and products. 

Tewodros Birhanu, Tadele Teshome, and Kirubel Teferi, three experienced and qualified software, hardware, and communication engineers, founded our company in 2014 G.C. The company's headquarters are on the second floor of the Bole Friendship building in Addis Ababa.


  • Founded in 2014, G.C,
  • Core Business Computers & Peripherals Provide Software Development and Easy Network Installation,
  • Founded by highly professional engineers,
  • Over ten years of work experience in the ICT industry,
  • We are working with well-known brands as a partnership.


  • Delivering services for over 150 governmental and private business entities. We have over 30 qualified employees working 6 days a week. 
  • We are giving monthly permanent maintenance and support services for over 2000 computers, 1500 different model printers, and over 250 copiers.
  • We are developing industry-standard software and supply different application packages.
  • We conduct performance appraisal and on-job refreshment regular training for employees. 
  • Developing high-quality service on various technologies and skills.


'To be an inspiration and empower, for persons and organizations by technology"


Promote problem-solving within our organization, produce, deliver, and support technology to make it more accessible to our customers. Increasing the capital of the organization, creating job opportunities, playing a significant role in the economic development of our country, and bringing the wealth of stakeholders and employees to a better standard of living.


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Satisfying our customers with no compromise to our company's goodwill with comparable price.



In ICT products, the wholesale and retail segments

  • Computers include laptops, desktops, tablets, and servers
  • A special type of computer
  • PCs with high graphics and resolution for gaming workstations
  • Print, photocopy, scanner, and projector
  • Serves computer
  •  DATA Networking Materials, Inc.
  • Products for security cameras and systems
  •  Computer and office machine accessories



  • We are equipped with genuine products and accessories
  • We provide well-known brands
  • We have full product information consultancy and warranty
  • We have known ICT Product brands
  •  We provide after-sales installation & support services
  • Give free delivery service


  • ICT support, maintenance, and system service segment. 
  • Laptop, desktop, and server computer maintenance. 
  • Printer, photocopy, scanner, and projector maintenance. 
  • Data and telecom networking design, installation, configuration, and maintenance. 
  • Security camera configuration and maintenance.


  • We are working as a partnership as well as acting as employees to fulfill all maintenance needs.
  • We deliver vast ICT maintenance services with an unbelievably pocket-friendly fixed monthly professional fee.
  • We are also working as consultants for ICT infrastructure development.
  • Our support engineer teams are qualified and available.
  • For our valued customers, we have them for 12 hours a day, six days a week.






Location: Bole friendship bldg 2nd floor R# 213, 237, 238 5th floor 501/4
Phone 1: +251 118 22 20 66
Phone 2: +251 116 15 00 67
Mobile 1: +251 931 00 00 33
Mobile 2: +251 946 70 00 01
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