Girum Shewangizaw Importer

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LocationKality Sheger Building Floor 7th Room N0.702, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryAluminium & Related Products
Girum Shewangizaw Importer

Girum Shewangizaw Importer is a multi-disciplinary importing firm, providing aluminum technologies for a wide range of construction projects in Ethiopia. Established in 2000 E.C., the organization is growing rapidly and is committed to the work assigned by the client. However, the interests of the firm and its concomitant staff capabilities and interests have grown exponentially. And the organization is currently providing importers with professional services in aluminum profile with accessories. The company's head office is located in Addis Ababa, Kality area, Sheger Building, and a well-established workshop is located at Gofa Kidanemhirit church, where most of the work is done.


Girum Shewangizaw Importer offers importing services for:

  1. Fabrication and installation of aluminum work
  2. Dealer and whole sellers of aluminum profiles.
  3. Dealer for different Aluminum Accessories

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Organization and Experience 

GIRUM SHWANGIZAW IMPORTER is always ready to respond quickly to client concerns. Specialized expertise is grouped by sector and function. This type of organizational structure allows the firm to respond quickly to clients' needs within specific sectors while simultaneously allowing it the flexibility to merge technical skills as needed to address multi-disciplinary assignments.

Name and Establishment of the company

One of the major objectives sought by the new economic policy of the country is to secure favorable conditions for investment in various businesses and reactivate the construction industry, which opened a wide door for the importing of different types of building services, such as office, industrial, educational, commercial, health, etc. Girum Shewangizaw Importer and aluminum works have been established and registered per Ethiopian trade and industry law.

The Firm

Girum Shiwangizawa is its founder and general manager, and it is comprised of highly qualified professionals such as CAD engineers, mechanical engineers, and technical personnel, as well as draftsmen and other supporting staff in various disciplines. Before the founder rendered extensive engineering services in Ethiopia, they had diverse and extensive experience in the aforementioned disciplines in both private and public endeavors.

Objective of the company

The company's one major objective is to secure favorable business undertakings aimed at national development and reconstruction. Make available experienced and skilled manpower in importing businesses and engaging in the latest technology of fabricating and fixing aluminum frames, glasses, and all the necessary joints and accessories. Import materials about the needs of the market.


Since its formation, the company has made and successfully completed numerous deliveries of materials all over the country. Facts and figures are a good starting point for telling you who we are, but perhaps the most compelling proof of our capabilities is in our customers' experiences.

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