Asmamaw Melese Local inland Level-4 Freight Private Transport

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LocationKera Sofiya Mall, 3rd floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Asmamaw Melese Local inland Level-4 Freight Private Transport

Asmamaw Melese local in land freight is a private company founded in 2002 E.C with an initial capital of 6,196,061.00 ETB to provide quality transportation in Ethiopia.

Ever since its establishment, the company has intended to accomplish lots of contrast throughout the country in the field of inland transportation service. By making use of our experienced professionals and technical staff, we will deliver quality services to various government organizations, NGOs, and private investors. As it can be seen from the next section, our company, which started its work as level 4 transport in 2002, E.C, has now attained grade 4. In any case, our company has such quality and honest way of transportation. We don't compromise on quality, whatever the profit margin might be. We believe that our work can best speak to our grade and status as a transportation service.

The management of Asmamaw Melesse Transport puts quality, health, and safety at the forefront of our operations and decision-making process. Our quality policy states that customers are the driving force in our organization. We will exceed each customer's requirements through our commitment to service excellence. These are the keys to our future, our expansion, and our reputation.

Our project management and execution philosophy are:

  • Keep a close eye on the work's quality, safety, and health.
  • Complete the transport service on time.
  • Strict adherence to hours of service regulations
  • Scheduled for a joint health and committee meeting with employees.

Our vision

Our vision is to be an industry leader that provides innovative and environmentally responsible freight transport and management solutions to a diversified customer base while being fiscally responsible and recognized as one of the top transportation employers in Ethiopia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be our customers' preferred transportation partner by delivering innovative freight management solutions through a high-performance culture that emphasizes collaboration, accountability, safety, and exceptional service. To procure service at competitive pricing, provide safe working conditions, and deliver quality work within a reasonable time frame.

Our values

  • We are honest.
  • We highly contest corruption and fraud.
  • We struggle to satisfy our clients.
  • We feel a deep sense of humor and responsibility for the betterment of our globe, particularly in Ethiopia.
  • We respect and act according to the civil code of Ethiopia.
  • We respect international labor laws.


ASMAMAW MELESE LOCAL IN LAND FREIGHT PRIVET TRANSPORT strives to build a competitive and efficient transport service by providing an honest, fair working relationship with clients and a safe and healthy transportation service.

Current and future trends

By now we have developed a five-year strategic and marketing plan to use to boost our company to a higher level and to become involved in modern business. We intend to provide different transportation services throughout the country to upgrade our work capacity.

Financial evaluation


The transport We know, based on the transportation service profit and loss statement, that the project (service we give) will generate a profit. 


  1. Kombolcha, Kebele 12, House No. 004, Contact Person Fikirte Wale Tel:+251 921 25 04 43
  2. Bahir Dar, Chilfit Commercial Center, Office No. 203, Contact Person Nega Baye Tel: +251 922 27 60 12; +251 918 76 65 63
  3. Adama, Kebele 03 Office number 201, Contact Person Bizuayehu Habtamu Tel:+251 927 61 94 46
  4. Gondar, Contact Person, Bantalem Derjew +251 943 53 36 86
  5. Mekele kebele 11, Ketena 4, Office number 210, Contact Person Habtom Aregawi Tel: +251 914 01 43 35 ; +251 914 55 27 29
  6. Debre Markos, Contact Person, Belisty Yalew Tele: +251 911 80 89 16
  7. Dire Dawa, Contact Person Gizachew Azene


Location: Kera Sofiya Mall, 3rd floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone: +251 114 70 51 52
Mobile: +251 911 42 72 71
Fax: +251 114 70 51 52

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