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Game Changers Consulting PLC

Game Changers Consulting PLC is a legally registered Ethiopian business and development consulting firm established in August 2021 to provide organizational management consultancy, business management consultancy, and research and training services.

Game Changers Consulting PLC is a multiple-specialty firm ranging from workforce capacity building to research and development. It employs comprehensive approaches to resolving organizational, team, and individual-level challenges, assisting them in moving toward their vision and strategic objectives. It is established to provide effective, prompt, and concise professional advice, practical solutions, and guidance to governmental, non-governmental, and private organizations in achieving their objectives, specifically concerning the terms of each engagement. We effectively and efficiently organize training, workshops, events, coaching sessions, and mentoring support, as required, for our clients for the successful operation of their organization.

In addition, the consultancy firm has been established to support the development of quality market-relevant TVET skills training, life skills training, entrepreneurship skills training, and vision development skills training that improves the livelihoods of economically poor and socially disadvantaged youth and women to diversify their income opportunities in a diversified value chain development. To achieve its job creation objectives, the consultancy firm has been executing and placing innovative and proven implementation strategies such as:

  1. Improving the capacity of public and private TVET training providers and potential employers (key market players) on demand-driven/market-relevant employability skills training modality, curriculum framework development, and adaptation, training module development and adaptation, Active Teaching Strategies and Learning Methodologies (ATLM), innovative labor market assessment and survey modalities, and facilitation of quality cooperative training/apprenticeship and work-based learning (on-job training) that highly contribute to the provision of quality market-relevant skills training for job seekers that enables them to directly meet the needs of the real world of work/labor market.
  2. Strengthening the capacity of clusters of MSMEs, large companies, and private business firms to boost their employment and work-based capacities through new intranets into the labor market.
  3. Strengthen the functional linkages of public and private partnerships (PPP) that help to create an enabling environment for job seekers through the promotion of creating functional linkages between supply and demand with key market players of the private sector (MSME’s and bigger companies).
  4. Promotion of value chain development of sectors and facilitation of market chain services. We uniquely provide onsite coaching after each capacity-building session.

Game Changers Consulting PLC is composed of expert consultants offering a wide range of services including conducting research, various types of census, short and long-term leadership, management and governance training, Short term training, organizing seminars, preparing strategic & business plans, and feasibility studies. It is a firm specializing in partnerships for better future development approaches. Game Changers Consulting PLC focuses on evidence-based interventions through research, surveys, baseline assessment, program evaluation, and capacity building, focusing on business and development sectors.

Game Changers Consulting PLC has the size, know-how, technology, human resources, and infrastructure to meet all the challenges of providing total quality solutions to private and public establishments. Game Changers Consulting PLC is a firm constantly investing to improve its state-of-the-art knowledge not only in the domains of its core expertise but also in advanced technological areas that would potentially create new business activities, enhancing its service offering.

Our Vision

Game Changers Consulting PLC envisions being the leading international consulting company that helps organizations, companies, institutions, teams, and individuals apply innovative solutions and marketing as a way of life and as the client's first choice provider of quality service environment.

Our Mission

To provide its services to organizations, companies, institutions, teams, and individuals with holistic, collaborative, and sustainable business model approaches.

Our Core Values

The core values that inspire Game Changers Consulting PLC and guide its operations are:

  • Pursuit of Excellence: We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.
  • Gender Equality: We are committed to promoting gender equality and women's and girls' empowerment.
  • Inclusivity: we always consider all perspectives equally and honestly.
  • Innovation: Our larger value is making a difference and doing development differently. Game Changers consulting attaches great importance to innovative ideas and practices. It pursues continuous improvements by listening to and understanding the needs of its target groups, being informed and seeking out new ideas, and looking for ways to improve operational performance.
  • Integrity: Game Changers consulting always honors the best in us and others.
  • Accountability: Game Changers Consulting acknowledges and assumes responsibility for all of its actions, services, decisions, and policies.
  • Transparency: Game Changers Consulting has a strong faith in maintaining transparency in its operation and utilization of resources. It will continue to be open in its relationship with all its clients and stakeholders.
  • Partnership and Network Building: As one of our key organizational principles, we are committed to developing, maintaining, and nurturing partnerships, including alliances and linkages, with institutions and individuals.
  • Ease of Communication: Game Changers consulting attaches high value to open communication by encouraging the free exchange of opinions and views. It acknowledges change happens through the connections, creativity, contributions, and collaboration of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Passion: Our energy and enthusiasm are contagious. We are inspired to make a lasting impact.

Our Services

Game Changers Consulting PLC provides consulting and training services. It offers services in the areas of organizational management consultancy, business management consultancy, research and training
Services, promoting market relevant quality TVET skills training, Business development support (BDS),corporate strategy, organizational development and training, business processes, and marketing

Game Changers Consulting PLC works with governments, private sectors, non-profit agencies (Foundations, CSOs and NGOs), local and international development and humanitarian agencies to help  and understand constraints to doing business and formulates suitable policies and incentives to spur private sector led growth and development.

Consulting Services

  • Research Works (Action Research, Baseline Assessment, Mid-line Assessment, End-line Assessment, Impact Assessment, Best Practice
  • Documentation, Outcome Harvesting, Situational Assessment/Context analysis…etc)
  • Curriculum Framework Development and Adaptation
  • Training Module Development and Adaptation
  • Feasibility Study
  • Organizational Strategic Plan Development
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  • Market Relevant Quality TVET Skills Training
  • Data Management and Knowledge Management
  • Organizational Policy Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Human Resource Development and Management
  • Leadership and Management
  • Business and Marketing Management
  • Information and Education Communication (IEC) and Behavioral Change communication (BCC) Material Development
  • Organizational Systems, Frameworks, Policy and Manual Development
  • Research Mentorship and Coaching Services
  • Localization Strategy Development
  • Humanitarian and legal service
  • Education in Emergency Service
  • Psychosocial Support Service
  • Deliverology and Kaizen

Training Services

  • Life skills/Soft Skills/Social Skills Training
  • Business skills/ Entrepreneurship skills & Business Development Support (BDS) Skills Training
  • Vision development Skills Training
  • Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Fund raising & Project Proposal Development Training
  • Domestic Resource Mobilization Training
  • Adaptive Program Management Training
  • Social media Literacy & Media Advocacy Training
  • Project Outcome Harvesting Training
  • Project Cycle Management Training
  • Networking and Partnership Training
  • Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (PMEL) Training
  • Quality Management and Quality assurance Training
  • Pedagogical and Didactical Skills (Teaching Methodology) Training
  • Work Place Communication and Team Work skills Training
  • Lobby and Advocacy Skills Training
  • Transformational Leadership and Management Training
  • Service Delivery and Professional Ethics training
  • Change Management Training
  • Training of Trainers (ToT)
  • Team Building and Coaching Training
  • Risk management Training
  • Diversity Management and Conflict Management Training
  • Psycho social support Training

Game Changers Consulting PLC Organizational Structure

We have been operating our organizational functions with 9 full-time employees and with an ideal mix of seasoned experts in the areas of skills development and job creation, fundraising and marketing, research and development, strategic development, and corporate governance, alongside well-endowed, energetic young professionals and a large pool of affiliated consultants.

Game changer consultancy


Our Team

Game Changers Consulting PLC formulated an exceptional team with very high academic and technical qualifications to accomplish its day-to-day functions. Currently, the organizational function of the firm has been operating with the diverse academic and professional backgrounds of well-endowed, energetic young professionals and a large pool of affiliated consultants. The team is made up of expert consultants who provide a wide range of services such as research, various types of census, short and long-term leadership, management and governance training, short-term training, seminar organization, strategic and business planning, and feasibility studies. More specifically, Game Changers Consulting PLC has five program divisions with highly qualified experts, namely; fundraising and marketing experts, training and development experts, research and development experts, statisticians, and M & E experts.

Our Partners and Customers

Game Changers Consulting PLC works with governments, private sectors, non-profit agencies (foundations, CSOs, and NGOs), local and international development and humanitarian agencies to help and understand constraints to doing business and formulate suitable policies and incentives to spur private sector-led growth and development. It is a firm specializing in partnerships for better future development approaches.

Our Achievements

Some of the recent assignments accomplished by Game Changers Consulting PLC are mentioned as follows:

Game Changers Consulting PLC has been developing a five-year organizational strategic plan for Mother and Child Rehabilitation Center(MCRC). The overall objective of this assignment is to develop a five-year strategic plan (2022-2026) for MCRC that sets the long term direction for the implementation of its interventions. More specifically, this consultancy service tries to: –

  • Review the mission, vision, values, and objectives of MCRC
  • Undertake stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • Undertake a situation analysis of MCRC operations to date and develop a SWOT analysis of the organization
  • Develop strategic objectives and key result areas for the identified focus areas
  • Review the institutional capacity, organizational set-up, and financial and administrative systems of the MCRC
  • Develop a Results and Resources Framework for the plan period, and
  • Prepare the final paper of the five-year strategic plan.

Game Changers Consulting PLC, in collaboration with Firs Consult PLC, is an Implementing Partner for operators’ development programs across manufacturing companies under the BRIDGES Program, which is a project funded by Mastercard Foundation. The purpose of this assignment is to coordinate a career development program in partnership with manufacturing companies and training providers of TVETs. Under this assignment, Game Changers Consulting PLC is responsible for facilitating technical and soft skills training as well as leadership training to participating manufacturing companies based on the need assessment results. The assignment will also include conducting capacity assessments on public TVET colleges to provide training to companies in various industries. Through the undertaking of the assignment, the scope of the assignment is mentioned as follows:

  • In collaboration with TVETs, they conducted a needs assessment of 50 large manufacturing companies,
  • Assess the capacity of public TVET colleges to provide training services to industries,
  • Develop workers' career roadmap for partnering with manufacturing companies,
  • Facilitate the provision of soft/life skills training using the existing manual
  • Facilitate technical training,
  • Establish and maintain relationships with manufacturing companies.

Game Changers Consulting PLC, in collaboration with New Life Teen Challenge Development and Relief Program (NLTCDRP), has conducted the "Baseline Rapid Assessment of Socio-economic Conditions of the Target Group from a Gender Transformative Approach perspective", which will help with the execution of the project called "Reducing Poverty and Increasing Voice among Vulnerable Women." The general objective of this study is to assess the socio-economic conditions of the targets (women with disability, women with homelessness, women-headed families, and women sex workers)from a Feminist Approach (FA) and a gender transformative approach (GTA) perspective. Therefore, this rapid assessment study was conducted for the following main purposes:

  • To collect information on socio-economic aspects of the target groups that helps to better define the context in which the project is going to be implemented (by complementing and integrating already existing information);
  • To provide a relevant foundation and guidelines for project planning and implementation, as well as for the overall M & E system
  • The socio-economic assessment study is part of the evaluation process intended to assess and understand the situation at the beginning of the proposed project that will help assess project effectiveness and impact. The project is being carried out in Addis Abeba; Kirkos, woreda 02 and 09. This assessment includes 50 vulnerable women aged 18 to 40 from these two woredas, including Female Sex Workers, Women Headed Families, Women with Disability, and Women with Homelessness.

Game Changers Consulting PLC in Collaboration with the Ethiopian National Association of the Blind (ENAB) has been conducting "Identification of out-of-school children with disabilities in Wolaita Soddo town of SNNPR, Ethiopia using the key informant method (KIM). The overall objective of the assignment is to conduct identification, screening, referral, and enrolment of out-of-school children with disabilities in target communities, as well as screening and referral of children in target schools suspected to have disabilities. The assignment has the following major activities:

  • Establish a local advisory group comprising appropriate stakeholders in children with a disability like policymakers (representative of gov't line offices), service providers, Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs), NGOs, and others.
  • Conduct KIM planning consultative meeting in collaboration with advisory groups that helps to understand the general context and situation of the study site.
  • Conduct Mapping of Available Service Providers in the Target Communities: Make sure the minimum level of service providers is available in the target communities/nearby places before the actual KIM study is started.
  • Identify out-of-school children with disabilities in the target communities.
  • Screening of children with disabilities identified in the target communities and target schools in collaboration with available service providers (hospitals, health centers, and schools)
  • Conduct Referral linkage of children with disabilities identified in the target communities and the target schools.
  • Support the enrolment, bringing back to school, and inclusion of children with disabilities identified in the target communities in the school system.
  • Using the School Inclusion Teams (SIT), establish and strengthen a good collaboration/partnership between the target communities, target schools, disabled person organizations (DPO), policymakers, and available service providers; improve Enabling Education Network (EENET) identification and screening modules; and wiKIM model inputs.
  • Compile and record challenges faced and lessons learned during the implementation of KIM in the target communities.
  • Producing, circulating, and disseminating KIM study finding reports

Game Changers Consulting PLC has signed a contract agreement with FC/Bridges Program to provide Life Skills Training, Business Skills Training, Mindset Training, and Work Engagement & Retention (WEAR) training for 2680 factory workers in the Garment and Apparel Sector in Bahir Dar City. The agreement also aims to facilitate business-to-business (B2B) linkages between MSMEs/SMEs and large manufacturing industries involved in the textile and garment industries.

Value chains at Bahir Dar City Under this assignment, Game Changers Consulting PLC will also be responsible for the sourcing, placement, and reporting of an apprenticeship program that will be launched for students and youths engaged in the garment and apparel sector. The capacitated factory will be the host of the students, and the service provider will be responsible for preparing a schedule for the students and following up on their training at the factory. Throughout the journey of undertaking this assignment, the scope of this assignment is mentioned as follows:

  • Facilitation of Business-to-Business (B2B) Linkage
  • Provide soft skills training for 2000 new factory workers at the enterprise.
  • Soft skills training for 680 existing employees of the enterprise
  • Facilitation of an apprenticeship program for 500 students or graduates

Game Changers Consulting PLC has signed a three-month contractual agreement with Addis Ababa City Administration Bureau of Finance to develop and design a five-year revenue enhancement plan for Addis Ababa City Administration (2015-2019 E.C). The major objective of the assignment is to prepare a Revenue Enhancement Plan (REP) by making use of the strengths and weaknesses of the revenue collection performance of the city and by introducing implementable new user fees, charges, and taxes from 2015–2019 EFY. To achieve the overall objective of the study, the following are specific objectives proposed to be implemented by this study. These are:

  • To identify the city's revenue collection system's strengths and weaknesses in its implementation,
  • To identify challenges facing the effective implementation and performance of revenue collection in the city,
  • To identify the major causes and setbacks and come up with a new recommendation,
  • To identify a suitable revenue enhancement model,
  • To propose recommending remarks to improve the city's revenue collection implementation weaknesses and overcome the challenges
  • To propose new taxes, fees, and charges that can be implemented in the objective reality of the city.

In collaboration with the Development Expertise Center (DEC), Game Changers Consulting PLC has conducted a project end-line evaluation in Afar, Aysaita. The overall objective and function of this consultancy assignment are to conduct a final evaluation of Fit 4 Better Life Project Ayssaita Community Development Programme Phase I (January 2017–December 2021). The evaluation focused on the performance and achievements of the project, focusing on the following standard measurement criteria: efficiency, effectiveness, relevance, impact, and sustainability. Through the evaluation process, the evaluation team will pay particular attention to the following objectives:

  • Review and analyze the quality and relevancy of the design and the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability of the project.
  • Examine and document the key lessons learned from the implementation of the project and how these can be used to improve future projects. determining what should be done in the future in the area and drawing lessons for DEC and local government development efforts
  • Identify and analyze any unintended outcomes (both positive and negative) arising out of implementing the project.

Review the project’s role in addressing marginalized groups, gender equity, and the fairness of benefits among the various community groups. Game Changers Consulting PLC, in collaboration with the Ministry of Peace and Glocal Management Partners PLC, has been providing Entrepreneurship and Employability Skill Training for the graduating class and selected university students from September 20 – 24, 2021, at Jimma College of Technology Institute, Jimma.

Game Changers Consulting PLC, in collaboration with Hilina Enriched Food Complex PLC, provided a one-day Work Engagement and Retention (WEAR) Training for 87 factory workers (41 female and 46 male) in Tafo, Oromia Regional State. The content of the training is mainly focused on:

  1. Overcoming Emotions
  2. Setting Goals,
  3. Developing good habits,
  4. Good Reputation;
  5. Financial Management.

Summary of Recent Relevant Assignments Undertaking by Game Changers Consulting PLC are listed on the below Table:

Title of the Assignments Conducted




Consultancy service provisionon facilitating B2B linkages with garment and textile enterprises in BahirDar, Providing soft skills training to garment sector workers.

First Consult PLC through BRIDGES Program

+251 913 03 27 56



Endline evaluation of Fit 4Better Life (F4BL) project which is implemented in the Afar region

Development Expertise Center (DEC)+251 911 74 78 38



Development and preparation of 5 years of Revenue enhancement Plan for Addis Ababa City administration the Years 2015-2019 E.C


Addis Ababa City Administration Bureau of Addis Finance

+251 911 00 98 34



Development of Five 5 years organizational strategic plan which sets the long-term direction or the implementation of its interventions for Mother and Child Rehabilitation Center (MCRC), Ethiopia

MotherandChildRehabilitationCenter (MCRC), Ethiopia

+251 913 62 20 37



Implementing Partner for operators’ development program across manufacturing companiesthroughBridges programfundedby Master Card Foundation

First Consult PLC through BRIDGES Program +251 913 03 27 56




Baseline Assessment for the Giving for Change (G4C) project in Amhara Region andOromia region;7districts  

Adequate Trading Company

+251 911 01 49 44


Successfully Accomplished.

Baseline Rapid Assessmen tof socio-economic Conditions of the target group from aGender Transformative Approach perspective

New Life Teen Challenge Development and Relief Program +251 911 20 97 16


Successfully Accomplished.

Providing Employability Skills and entrepreneurship Skills Training for Graduating class university students and voluntary service

providers inselected universities

Ministry of Peace and Globa lManagement Consultancy firm.

+251 911 22 34 73




Providing professional Consultancy services on Curriculum framework development for sixvalue chains, TTLM Development for six value chains (Teacher guide, Learning guide, and Assessment packet), translation of TTLMs into loathing calllanguage, reviewing and editing of the final version curriculums and TTLMs for publication and provision of ToT Training for targetedTVET trainers,TVET Experts,and other key market players.

Development Expertise Center(DEC) +251911747838




Procurement Manual development and training of staff members

The horizon of Development Actors(HAD)



Successfully Accomplished

Strategic  Plan Development and Resource Mobilization Guideline Development

Horizon of Development Actors (HAD)


Successfully Accomplished

Synthe size the existing National Assessments of  Legal Environment for Civil Society Actors including Philanthropic Support Organization

Adequate Trading Company

+251 911 01 49 44


Successfully Accomplished

Identification, screening, referral, and enrolment of out-of-school children with disabilities in Wolaita Sodo communities using keyinformant Method


+251 911 05 15 06

+251 964 02 67 09



Curriculum and TTLM development on six selected sectors for five TVET colleges of North wollo, South wollo, and Oromo special zones

Kombolcha polytechniccollege, Kemissie polytechnic college, Woldia polytechnic college, Raya kobo TVET college, and Dessie hope enterprise


Successfully Accomplished



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