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Amstel F.F & V. Manufacturing PLC

Maryod Sanitary Pads are a product of Amstel F.F & V. Manufacturing PLC. The company was established in January, 2010 by two Ethiopian shareholders.  Amstel F.F & V. Manufacturing PLC is a mother company that develops and incubates a number of start-up innovations for the Ethiopian and African markets. Mrs. Embet Tadesse, the company's majority shareholder, owns several design and utility patent rights in Ethiopia.

Who are Amstel?

Amstel is an agile and flexible organization. It is in the nature of the business in which we specialize for demand for our products to be highly variable.

Amstel has adjusted to this characteristic of our industry by creating an organizational structure that enables rapid expansion to meet sudden leaps in high volume demand for specific customized products as well as developing the ability to withstand relatively long periods of drops and uncertainty in demand.

Our mission is to be the best producer of reusable women’s sanitary pads in Africa. It is committed to using its products and its business success to help underprivileged women by creating and producing affordable personal hygiene products and creating jobs for vulnerable women and the families they support.
Strategic Objectives
We take pride in creating products that are useful to women, the families they lead and the communities that they live in and contribute to. Consequently, our organizational and business strategic objectives are intertwined with efforts that target the betterment of women, children, their families and their communities. Our overall social objectives as a company is to advance the well being of women, their families and communities by offering pragmatic solutions to the well being of women, their families and the communities in which they live and thrive. As a business that must survive and thrive in completive
Plant, Equipment, and Core Product Lines
Our plant and equipment feature some of the best technologies available in the apparel production industry. The equipment used for production processes is designed for their specific purposes, which offers the company and its clients the best in machine-assisted apparel production. Selected aspects of the production process feature hand-made quality management and inspection processes, which add to the visual appeal and desired textures of the final product. The main product lines in the apparel production process include re-usable sanitary pads, child and adult re-usable diapers, bed sheets, bed screens, day-bed upholstery, and children’s and adult bed sheets.
Our  Products 
Reusable | Washable Sanitary PadsMaryod 2
We have simple Sanitary pads with various options, for different purposes.
  • For Teenagers
  • With Buttons
  • Simple Pads
  • Pads with Mini Pocket
  • With underpants
  • With Wings

Maryod 4.1








Medical Products

  • Adult Bedsheets
  • Adult Diapers
  • Fly (Bikini) Pads
  • Pant plus Diaper
  • Nurses

maryod 6






Reusable | Washable Diapers

We have Diapers with many options, for Medical, children, adult and special purposes.

  • Baby Diapers
  • With Extra detachable Pads

maryod 7

maryod 8









Washable | Reusable Face Masks

  • Polution Free, Chemical Free, Low Cost Face Masks
  • Can be washed with regular Soap to be reused
  • It has Water proof Cover from outside and comfortable Cotton material inside

maryod 9








Other Products

We produce Baby Bedsheets, Baby Covers (Blankets), Baby Clothes, Bags, Uniforms and custom ordered other products

  • Baby Bedsheets
  • Baby Covers (Blankets)
  • Baby Clothes
  • Bags
  • Uniforms and Gowns

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