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LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Tensae Akalu General Contractor

Tensae Akalu General Contractor is an Ethiopian privately owned construction company with a proven track record of success and a promising future. Tensae Akalu was founded in 2012 as a Grade 8 construction firm by its owner and Managing Director, Tensae Akalu. Tensae Akalu GC, which is registered with the Ministry of Infrastructure, has grown into a highly competitive general contractor with promising prospects for a leadership role in the construction industry.

In the past years of its growth, the firm has always believed that capacity depends more on organizational and human resource development than on equipment and finance.

In support of this belief, the firm has invested a significant portion of its time and money on:

  • Retaining and developing a highly professional management team.
  • Training and motivating its technical staff, from the craftsmen to the senior engineers, to achieve and maintain high standards.
  • Devising and practicing a modern and effective organizational structure.
  • Solicit counseling and conduct selected research to assist in strategic planning.
  • Devising and continuously improving on a system of operation that is guided by written head office and project guidelines, both of which were the result of the combined efforts of professionals of high standards.

And the result has been a firm with a workforce that can take on any challenge in the form of a construction job.

With respect to capacity in terms of equipment, while the acquisition of major machinery has been dictated by the need to satisfy the regulatory body’s (Ministry of Infrastructure’s) capacity requirements, special emphasis on equipment that is specifically appropriate to Tensae Akalu G.C’s own method of construction was also sought and acquired.

Hitherto, financial capacity has always been commensurate to the cash flow requirements of the projects.

This has been partly due to the firm’s good credit record with clients, insurance companies, banks, and construction material suppliers, perhaps the most important creditors to any construction firm.

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Our Vision

To be a leading construction company in East Africa.

Our Mission 

We, the leaders and followers of this business entity as a team, shall:

Ever survive as a business entity committed to creating excellent values that always strive to balance the utility needs of customers, employees, managers, general directors, and shareholders.

Create and sustain a combination of individual excellence (manifested in the purposeful, visionary, and exemplary leadership of our management) and communal values (expressed as the creative, harmonious, and motivated team spirit of our employees) that will ensure the vitality, strength, and propagation of our business entity.

Uphold the maxim that "all things are changing and we are changing with them" since change is a universal and continuous phenomenon that positively affects our customers, employees, managers, and shareholders, and to always prepare and provide for change, however violent.


Tensae Akalu G.C, through months of experience dealing with project management and contract administration issues in different construction projects, has specialized in the construction of:

  • Residential House
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Mixed-use Building
  • Septic Tank Work
  • Real State
  • School Building
  • Finishing Works
  • Maintenance Works
  • Design Works
  • Supervision

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