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Ethiographic PLC

Ethiographic PLC is an Ethiopian provider of copying and printing services. Since 1955, we have been providing copying services to the Addis Ababa area and beyond! And, as part of our ongoing efforts to diversify our services, we are about to begin printing on hard objects such as mobile devices, laptop covers, ceramics, glass, and many others.

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Ethiographic was the first company to provide small-sized copying services to the public. We are currently using a Xerox large format copier, which is a very common and widely used machine in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This machine gives a good copy from clear blueprints and an unsatisfactory copy from lower quality and damaged blueprints.

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We are commonly known for our constructional design plots (CAD) and related drawings in white, blue, and tracing papers. We are using HP 510 Design Jet printers for such services. These printers are good for construction drawings (line drawings) but have drawbacks for printing colorful images.

Here are our current lists of all our print services:

  • White paper plot of all sizes i.e. A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, Extended A1, and Extended A0

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  • Blue paper plot on A2, A1, extended A1, A0 and extended A0 sizes,

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Future services to be added:

  1. High quality print for both indoor and outdoor on:
  • Sticker
  • Rough white poster matt,
  • Net sticker
  • Translucent plastic materials
  • Papers

  2. UV prints for any flat hard surfaces like:

  • Mobile Cover 
  • Glass,
  • Ceramics,
  • Lap top,
  • Anything that has thickness of 30cm and flat surface.


Ethiographic has had a graphic designer for quite some time now, but only as a customer assistant in both constructional design (CAD) and graphic design. But now we are forming a design team to work on various levels of creative design. Here are the design teams we envision:

  • Graphic Design Team
  • Constructional (Architectural) Design Team
  • Drafting (CAD Drawing) team
  • Web Design
  • Software design, Development, and Implementation

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Here are the lists of high-quality print services we can provide in the near future:

  1. Print on stickers, which can be used on cars, windows, metal posters, walls, and others.
  2. Print on hard surfaces like glass, mobile covers, floor ceramics, framed wood, metal, and any other flat material as long as it is within 30cm in height, 60cm in width, and 90cm in length. High resolution on any plain paper, tracing paper, matte paper, or another medium.

Here are the list graphic design services we will provide in the near future:

  • Booklet & Books
  • Poster
  • Broacher
  • Seminar Workbooks
  • Logo
  • And many more.

We also have sticker cutter machine, with high precision camera to cut out the background from the foreground from our sticker.

Don’t forget to check out our delivered projects in our project page.


  • Residential Design
  • Apartments
  • Factory Store houses
  • Hospitals
  • Urban Planning
  • Land Scape Design
  • Interior Design
  • Bill of Quantity


Marketing in the digital world is becoming a must for almost all types of businesses. Advertising in the usual printing stream by itself is like forgetting half your customers. Our web designers and graphic designers are working side by side to make your brand stand out in both the digital and print world.










Drafting is the process of drawing constructional design in AutoCAD and/or ArchiCAD. Almost every constructional drawing have a softcopy, except the old days design drawings, made by hand. People don't have their design soft copy for different reason, some never had it and some lost it. Noticing our client’s problem and receiving few suggestions to have a team of drafts men, we have brought a team of AutoCAD experts to facilitate our clients need for re-constructing their hardcopy drawing.









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