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BEACON Financial Solutions and Investments Private Limited Company

BEACON Financial Solutions and Investments Private Limited Company is a transformational business consulting and training organization registered under the laws of Ethiopia. The firm was established to offer professional business consulting and training services to business organizations in Ethiopia and beyond.

Our consultants have decades of experience in leading organizations, transforming people and performance. We help businesses become successful places to work, connect, and succeed. We achieve these results by building on managers' strengths in leadership, improving their communication skills, and strengthening their professional resilience.

What We Have to Offer

We offer a wide portfolio of services to our clients in disciplines relevant to the challenges faced by them:

Consultancy services


Accounting and Finance Outsourcing Services

Finance and accounting outsourcing services include payroll preparation and review; financial statements; tax preparation; IFRS conversion; financial reporting requirements, and consolidation of accounts. We help to set up accounts for startup companies, clear backlogs and even reconstruct accounts.

Sales and Marketing Outsourcing Services

BEACON has focused on providing dedicated professional outsourced sales and marketing services and solutions by recruiting, training, and managing our clients' sales and marketing teams. We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to lead generation services or closing roles.

Under this service, we will perform the following duties:

  • Introducing a product or service to the market
  • Advice on sales processes
  • Carry out market research and study reports.
  • Develop sales models to optimize sales.
  • Carry out territory assessments as well as vertical assessments.
  • Plan for customer meetings and sales negotiations.

Our outsourced sales and marketing services are very cost-effective compared to establishing a sales and marketing department. Excel on the Marketing team will bring on board vast experience in this area and will keep you updated on the latest trends and technology.


Process Review and Reengineering: We assess, analyze, define, and redesign processes and their associated operational systems, supply chains, and organizational structures to achieve remarkable improvements in business performance.

Feasibility Studies: Our feasibility study service will help you ensure that your project is viable. While highlighting the gaps and opportunities, it will include research and analysis of several methods or alternatives to achieving success that will be scrutinized and narrowed down to a few that appear to be the most viable.

Strategic Insights and Developments: We offer support that includes strategy development and implementation, business planning, financial forecasting and planning, strategic tax, capacity planning, cost reduction, functional policies and procedures, production capacity optimization, and executive development, all designed to keep your organization ahead of the competition.


Our organizational development consulting services focus on helping clients align their organizational culture and strategy to drive sustainable performance results, which include organizational design, organization restructuring, and salary scale and benefits.


We provide a comprehensive business and asset valuation for a wide range of industries and business functions.


We represent and introduce stand-out middle and top-level professionals to our clients. Our consultative approach to recruitment enables us to find the best fit between our client’s needs and our candidate’s experience and abilities.


BEACON training offers training courses on a wide range of management-related subjects. You can join one of our open entry training courses or ask us for a custom-designed training course.

  • We help assess and clarify the training needs at the individual and organizational levels.
  • We take the participants’ experience as a starting point for training and use their reality as a guiding principle.
  • We ensure an excellent training environment while leaving the ultimate responsibility for training to the participants. 

We offer the following Training Courses

  • Customer service
  • Time Management Skills
  • International marketing
  • Promotion management
  • Brand management
  • Sales management
  • Marketing management
  • kaizen for manufacturing
  • Tax accounting
  • Using MS Excel for Finance and Non-Finance Teams
  • Leadership 
  • Business leadership
  • Inspiring and Motivational Leadership
  • Attitudinal Transformation
  • Managerial Development
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Building

Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our Vision

To be a leading firm in Ethiopia committed to quality, trust, and respect, providing professional business consulting and training solutions that meet the business needs of our clients.

Our Mission

By delivering value in everything we do, our mission is to help enterprises achieve their stakeholders’ objectives, attract and retain professionals with core competencies, develop sustainable competitive advantages, and contribute to their success.

Our core values

BEACON is founded on rigid core values with no compromise:


Why Engage BEACON 

  • Below are some of the reasons why you have to engage BEACON:
  • Professional work.
  • Deep understanding of business situations.
  • High business ethics and confidentiality
  • Timely execution of assignments and projects.
  • Continuous service improvement

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Address: Saris Total, Dawi Building, 1st Floor, Office No.106
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