Bright Pharma Trading Company

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LocationGullele Sub-city, Woreda 09, House No. 532, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryMedicines/Pharmaceuticals
Bright Pharma Trading Company

Bright Pharma Trading Company is an importer and distributor of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, medical equipment, hospital furniture, laboratory reagents and supplies, and chemical products in Ethiopia.

Bright Pharma Trading.Co was established in October 2017 by sole owner Hana Shigute, who has business experience in running successful health care and commercial ventures in the pharmaceutical, wholesale, and retail industries, with the target of increasing accessibility and affordability of quality medicines and healthcare products for the public and the private health sector in Ethiopia.

The founder’s experience working in this sector of the country motivated me to embark on the registration and licensing of global healthcare products manufacturing in food medicine and licensing of the global healthcare administration and control authority of Ethiopia (FMHACA) as a local agent and to represent in the big government, non-government, and relief organization tenders as a commission agent in the territory of Ethiopia. Apart from the international business, our wholesale division; works to serve healthcare facilities and organizations that need pharmaceutical and healthcare products for patients.

Bright pharma trading is staffed with highly qualified and dedicated 10 employees, of which 4 are managerial, 4 are technical, 4 are marketing and finance, and 13 are supportive staff. Five of the employees are women. We believe in our staff and our commitment to benefiting patients; that is what builds our company. We value and respect each other in discharging our responsibility for customer satisfaction. We operate in the market to benefit suppliers, employees, and customers.

The company owns a warehouse and distribution center at Gullele sub-city, Woreda 09, House no. 532, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our distribution operation is managed by senior pharmacies.


  • To play an active role in Ethiopia’s healthcare system as the leading distributor for pharmaceutical and healthcare products.


  • To avail good quality and variety of healthcare products with affordable price to the Ethiopian health sector.
  • To work efficiently and ethically to ensure the availability of products and quality of service with continuity and reliability.
  • Maintain responsibilities and provide excellent customer service.
  • Committed to building a profitable, financially stable, and expanding business in the pharmaceutical sector where suppliers, customers, and employees benefit.

Core Values 

  • Customer satisfaction
  • We respect and value each individual
  • Teamwork
  • Quality health care service in Ethiopia
  • Good partnership

Our leadership

Leadership with extensive knowledge of the business and the market segment in which we operate: the Ethiopian pharmaceutical market. The company's leadership team is led by the manager of each department, who is also a member of the leadership team.

Technical operation

Organized by three independent technical departments: product development, regulatory affairs, and quality assurance, which are managed by the technical director.

The Regulatory affairs and product development department is composed of people who have been working for local, multinational, and international pharmaceutical companies in the registration of their products and licensing of their company in the food medicine and health care administration and control authority of Ethiopia (FMHACA) for more than 10 years.

The team coordinator and manager are among the top regulatory affairs managers in the country. The team's ability to manage further FMHACA information requests during registration is strong in two ways: their organizational skills request FMHACA almost to none (no further request has been asked from most of our partner companies), and if further information is requested, they manage it immediately on the spot, which in turn quickly facilitates the registration and licensing of pharmaceutical companies in Ethiopia through our leadership.

The procurement, storage, and distribution departments are in charge of sourcing healthcare products from reputable suppliers on a global and local scale. Under the supervision of the storage and distribution pharmacist, the warehouse manager handles the procured products in accordance with the company's storage guidelines. Invoiced products are distributed to customers in accordance with the company's standard operating procedures for product distribution.

Marketing department: Bright Pharma is a marketing-oriented company that believes in ethical pharmaceutical marketing, focusing on productive and growing segments. We have established a highly professional, skilled, and well-equipped marketing team to promote novel ideas and modern scientific pharmaceutical products. We have strong relationships with key customers and opinions. Under the leadership of our marketing and sales team coordinator, who has experience in pharmaceutical sales and marketing in the world’s leading multinational and national pharmaceutical companies, with a broad knowledge of the national pharmaceutical market, its trends, and behavior. We also have an excellent network of relationships with well-reputed pharmaceutical distributors and retailers all over the country for the rapid and easy access of our products to pharmacies throughout the country.

Our tender management team: The team has extensive experience managing tenders from various government, non-government, international, and relief organization tenders. For the past four years, the coordinator has worked as a bid evaluation officer for an indifferent government organization, making our team a worthy candidate for manufacturing and supplying as a local agent in Ethiopia.

Administration and finance: We are committed to building a profitable business, so our talented HR manager is committed to building the staff and coordinating administrative issues in the company to make our financial management healthier. Our finance team focuses on managing the detailed financial operations of the company.


Our products and service

The product development department of the company is working to increase our product portfolio. We focus on registration and marketing for various categories of

  1. Medicine 
  2. Medical supplies
  3. Medical equipment and hospital furniture
  4. Laboratory reagents and supplies
  5. Chemical

What else we do

In addition to the products listed above, we act as a commission agent for our partner manufacturer in local and international tenders.

Our customers

We are working with the organization, pharmaceuticals, and health care products. Our main customers are:

  1. Hospitals, both private and public 
  2. Government organizations working with healthcare product distribution to healthcare facilities 
  3. International relief organizations

Key milestones

As a distributor, we do have a special network and connection with healthcare facilities, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations working in the healthcare sector of the country, which makes our operation easy. We operate nationally to benefit the people of the nation.

As an importer and distributor, we have registered new companies’ products within a short period of time and introduced them to the Ethiopian market. We achieved a considerable share of the market.

Our wholesale division distributes various categories of pharmaceutical and healthcare products to pharmacists, clinics, hospitals, and organizations, whether governmental, private, or other non-governmental. We are among the most common suppliers attending local and international tenders in the territory.


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