Fasil Ayalew Import & Export

Phone +251 118 10 67 99
Mobile +251 911 20 33 00
Business Type Private
LocationPiazza,Taitu Hotel, Room #374/4, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryAgricultural Products
Fasil Ayalew Import & Export

Fasil Ayalew is an importer and supplier of various building materials, agricultural tools, canvas emergency materials made of plastic, HDPE pipe and fittings, galvanized steel pipes, and so on in Ethiopia.

Our company also exports chickpeas, MUNG beans, red kidney beans, black pea beans, sesame seed soya beans, and black pea beans.

Fasill 21121 RE Sized

The following materials are imported by our company:

  • Building materials of all kindsFasil 10
  • Agricultural tools such as Axe, spade, wheelbarrow, etc
  • Coffee mesh wire sprayers jackets made of plastic reflector vest
  • Canvas emergency materials made of plastic
  • Agricultural plastic materials
  • Polythene tube, sleeping bag, and tent
  • Agricultural honey materials 
  • HDPE pipe and fittings, galvanized steel pipes
  • Forestry materials
  • gabion wire
  • Cement, paints, nails, corrugated materials, wires, steel bar
  • Metals and plastic bucket, watering jerry can and plastic ropes
  • Geomembranes for water collection
  • Biogas accessories


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Location: Piazza,Taitu Hotel, Room #374/4, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Location 2: Merkato Der Building DB -4 06
Phone: +251 118 10 67 99
Mobile: +251 911 20 33 00

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