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LocationOff ring road, near Moenco /in front of Hayat Medical College/, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryElectro-Mechanical Appliances

Acme Engineering and Trading Plc, is an Electro-mechanical contracting and trading company, providing fifteen years of reliable service to Ethiopia market. Our company is engaged in Energy, Water supply, Irrigation, Agriculture & Engineering Laboratory sectors in Ethiopia.


Acme Engineering and Trading will be recognized as a world class engineering solution provider committed to Customer satisfaction.


To reach our valued Customers with sustainable solutions in the fields of Water Supply, Energy, Agricultural Engineering and Scientific Laboratory Systems through supply of World Class products and appropriately applied technologies by our committed team, equipped with unrivalled engineering skills and all-rounded competence, working in East Africa.



      • Agricultural Equipment and Implements
      • Pumps
      • Soil preparation equipment (ploughs, cultivators, etc),
      • Planting equipment, fertilizer spreaders,
      • Harvesting equipment including forage equipment (balers, mixers, etc),
      • Chemical sprayers, etc.

Irrigation Systems

      • Pressurized drip irrigation systems
      • Gravity (Family) drip irrigation systems
      • Sprinkler irrigation systems (fixed and moveable)
      • Center pivot irrigation systems
      • Greenhouses and accessories


        • Solar Home Systems
        • Institutional PV system
        • Solar charging Pack
        • Solar Salon Pack
        • PA System

Laboratory equipment

      • Material Testing equipment
      • Soil, Rock, Cement, Concrete, Asphalt Bitumen and Tensile testing.
      • General Lab equipment

All general laboratory equipment that we supply are designed, manufactured according to ISO9001:2000 standard and all conform to the latest safety directive including the European CE requirement.

Water supply

      • Pumps
      • Domestic pumps
      • Booster pumps
      • Deep well pumps
      • Submersible pumps
      • Solar pumping system
      • Firefighting system


      • Pipes, valves & fittings
      • DCI, GS
      • Water Meter
      • Accessories

Some of our Projects

  1. Project: Design review and Supply and installation of Photovoltaic Systems for 1109 Rural Health Posts and 300 Health Center
    • Client: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ministry of Health
  2. Project: Design, Supply, Installation of Electromechanical Equipment for 15 towns’ water supply and sanitation project.
    • Client: Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy
  3. Project: Construction of Chefe Sub –Catchment Waste Water Treatment Plant
    • Client: Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority Water Supply and Sanitation.
  4. Project: Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Submersible Mixers at 13 universities
    • Client: GIZ

Why us?

Our suppliers are reputed companies from USA, Europe (Italy, Germany) and Turkey.
We are experts in Energy systems, Irrigation systems, Laboratory systems and Water supply.
Fifteen years of experience and reliable service.

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