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Hamen Consultancy Service PLC

Hamen Consultancy Service PLC was established by a team of diversified discipline professionals in January 2005 in Ethiopia with a mission to provide tailored consultancy service on baseline studies, evaluation tasks, need assessment, business plan preparation, feasibility studies, ISO trainings, and other assessments and studies based on the interest of the clients in diversified sectors which include: Health, environment, natural resource, water and sanitation, food security, education, industries, marketing and other sectors.


HAMEN is staffed with multi-discipline professionals working on both full-time and part-time basis. Our staff include: public health professionals, economists, statisticians, agro economists, economists, statisticians, accountants, sociologists, educationist, environmentalist, natural resource specialists, GIS experts, human resource and organizational management specialists, chemical, mechanical, industrial engineers and technologists, IT professionals and others with more than 5 years of experience in various sectors.

These professionals serve based on the specification of professionals mentioned in the ToR of the clients across various fields of study. Our professionals have proven experience in qualitative and quantitative studies for the last years. We have a great experience in handling many projects simultaneously with great commitment, reliable and timely delivery of service for our valued clients. In our over a decade span of service provision, we have developed efficient project management skill, data management experience, data collection coordination, field supervision capability and punctuality of report deliveries, which are the major qualities that every consulting organization is eager to achieve.

HAMEN Consultancy Services has worked with government ministries, international organizations, and other decision-makers to our clients, the general public and scholars. This requires ability as an institution, to adapt and change to different clients' and stakeholders' needs. Such flexibility is imperative if we are to keep abreast of the constant changes in the society we strive to describe. We have to respond to changes not only in terms of the supply of relevant research works but also in terms of the demands made on us by our clients. Over the past years we have laid great emphasis on developing and enhancing our services in order to meet our clients’ demands.


As a result of our commitment to quality work in all of the works entrusted to it by our clients, HAMEN Consultancy has succeeded in standing firmly on its feet as a trustworthy and reliable consultancy firm that has received recognition and appreciation from major international development organizations and the Ethiopian government ministries. In ensuring work delivery of the highest standard, HAMEN Consultancy sticks to the following principles:

Confidentiality: It is a basic principle that all information of our clients be treated in strict confidentiality and it is protected by strong data security measures.
Quality and professional consultation services:

HAMEN Consultancy is committed to providing quality services through

  • Original research work
  • Providing solutions and services relevant in the local context
  • Promoting partnership with clients
  • Grow and Manage Intellect through:
    • Soliciting and retaining competent staff
    • Establish in-depth technical expertise
    • Promote research culture
    • Create an environment that promotes ideas and visions

Become the Leader in Development Research: HAMEN Consultancy establishes and maintains market advantage by employing state of the art technological advances and qualified experts

Business Ethics: HAMEN Consultancy strives to establish and maintain honorable business practice


HAMEN Consultancy has set a clear vision and mission to guide its activities in a strategic and coordinated way ensuring systemic efficiency.


HAMEN Consultancy’s long-term vision is to build a strong and expanded research and training institution of high international standard capable of contributing greater services to the development of Ethiopia in particular and to the Horn of Africa in general.


HAMEN Consultancy’s mission is to contribute to quality and professional consultation services mainly in the form of project studies and trainings to the various bodies of the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) and to various domestic and international organizations engaged in contributing to the development of Ethiopia.


HAMEN Consultancy has a proven track record in effectively delivering assignments on the following areas of expertise:

  • Social welfare/social protection
  • Education
  • Gender /Women’s Empowerment
  • Participation /Civic Engagement
  • Peace-building
  • Infrastructure /service delivery/WASH
  • Agriculture, Food Security, Irrigation
  • Industries
  • Emergencies (natural disasters, conflict, public health)

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Capability: HAMEN Consultancy is the industry leader in professional consultancy for qualitative and quantitative methods studies. We have carried out several projects with qualitative and quantitative studies by designing viable research methodologies, analyzing the data collected and producing a standard final report for both qualitative and quantitative studies. We have a diverse staff with experience in a wide range of qualitative disciplines and approaches.

The Latest Tools: We are highly experienced with Quantitative data analysis software including ODK, CS-Pro, Survey CTO and Survey Solution software and qualitative data analysis software, including NVivo 10 and Atlas for Qualitative studies and STATA and SPSS statistical software for quantitative analysis. Moreover, equipment such as audio recording, HD videos and other accessories would support the qualitative data collection. Our expertise with these platforms allows us to help interpret your data, digitize the research materials, and prepare with a superior quality of analysis.

Consultants: the company regularly works with consultants and has an internal database of 50 consultants with which it is closely familiar and with which it has worked. The company is also subscribed to a database of over 8,000 development specialists and also regularly uses Linked In to identify qualified experts, as required.


Our firm’s main objective is to ensure that the quality of services provided to our clients is of high standard. Since its establishment, HAMEN Consultancy has been extensively engaged in numerous research projects for major national and international clients. One of the areas in which HAMEN Consultancy has acquired rich experience and expertise is basic services delivery. The areas in which it has carried out extensive works are: Industrial sector, industrial park development, environment and energy.

Technical Qualifications, Competence, and Experience in the Procurement objective

HAMEN Consultancy has a massive reputation in the development-related areas of specialization.

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