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Victory Logistics and Trading

Victory Logistics and Trading PLC is a privately owned logistics company in Ethiopia. Our company was established in 2017 to provide freight forwarding, transportation, customs and port clearing, project cargo logistics, warehousing, loading and unloading services to local and international customers. We have a seasoned experience especially in project cargo logistics services in Ethiopia; we pride ourselves on that we have no parallel private competitors in Ethiopia in project cargo handling services.

At Victory Trading and Logistics Company, we become a part of our customers' business and strive to seek the best-suited options on all their shipments at all times. We provide a comprehensive service for consignments of any size by sea, air, or road, to and from anywhere in the world and throughout Ethiopia.

Our Market Position

We are among the top forwarding and custom clearance companies in Ethiopia. We handle at least 20,000 to 30,000Fton cargos per month from the port of Djibouti to different parts of Ethiopia. 

Victory Logistics and Trading Company is recognized as one of the most successful private freight forwarding and project logistics companies in Ethiopia and among the top private logistics companies in the oversize cargo transport and logistics market.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values


Our Vision is to be the leading World Class Logistics Company in Ethiopia.


Victory Logistics and Trading Company provides its valued customers with a superior level of service in freight forwarding, port clearance, customs clearance, transportation, and warehousing, loading and unloading service through our own local offices as well as our global network of partners.


  • Customer Focus
  • Passion for delivery
  • Speed
  • Teamwork
  • Safety
  • Integrity

Scope of Our Services

Here we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our customers for the trust they have been placing in us. We pride ourselves in offering our esteemed customers exceptional logistics services that are secure, safe, timely and cost-effective.

We have proven our freight forwarding and logistics expertise and experience in a number of industries. We believe that the repeat service purchases that our customers made with us are proof of the positive effect of our services on our customers’ business. At all times customer service remains our priority.

Our scope of services extends from freight forwarding, port and customs clearance, transport, project cargo logistics and warehousing services.


Our freight forwarding service includes handling customers’ cargo starting from its origin anywhere in the world to its destination.

To this end, we provide the following freight forwarding services:

  • Airfreight forwarding service
  • Marine freight forwarding
  • Road freight forwarding service



Our customs clearance service incorporates completing all custom formalities including documentation, assessment and evaluation, payment of duty and taxes for import and export cargo documents.

Our port clearance service incorporates completing all port formalities including documentation, declaration, payment to the shipping agent and port and facilitating get pass to the port and truck waybill.


Management of logistics for large projects requires experienced, smart, knowledgeable and well-organized personnel who are committed to exploring all options, analyzing potential problems, and reacting to extraordinary circumstances with fast and decisive actions. Our approach is to break down logistics and transport into essential elements, and then to assign direct supervision over each. We have been doing project cargo logistics service efficiently and cost-effectively to the highest satisfaction of our customers. That is why we have been offered several repeat orders from renowned international companies for project cargo handling service. We provide project cargo logistics services to sectors that include but not limited to electric power, telecom, railway, industry and road.


Victory Logistics and Trading p.l.c Company can engage over 1,000 high bed and heavy-duty trucks (while 10 of them are our own and the remaining trucks are our partners’ trucks) at a time to transport our customers’ cargo of any type and size from different ports to any places in Ethiopia. Our fleet meets high international safety standards and our drivers are provided in-house training on safety standards.

Transportation of our customers’ cargo is accompanied by field patron personnel to ensure incident and accident-free, efficient and timely transportation of customers’ cargo. Our fleet comprises of expendable trailers, tippers, tankers and low beds, cranes, forklifts and vehicle carriers for standard and oversize cargo.


Our company offers customers spacious and secure warehousing options at Addis Ababa that meet their unique needs. We have two warehouses strategically located in and around the city.

Our warehouses are fully equipped with forklifts (normal and clamp), hand jacks, ladders, weighing machines fitted with rollers for ease of loading and offloading and fitted scissor jacks. The two warehouses have about 4,500 square meters of floor space [the 1st with a floor space of 2,700 m2 and the 2nd with a floor space of 1,750 m2] with a combined carrying capacity of 130,000 tons. They are secured 24 hours a day by security personnel within the premise. We pride ourselves in having zero pilferage at our warehouse and assure our customers of security when they store their cargo at our warehouse.


Our company provides efficient and cost-effective loading and unloading service to our esteemed customers for their cargos at their own premises. We have cranes and forklifts with different capacities that satisfy the needs of our customers.

Our Customers

At Victory Logistics and Trading company, every personnel strongly believes customers are the only reason for his/her existence in the company. To this end, every personnel of our company ensures that customers’ needs are met with satisfaction every time. We have been providing logistics services to both local and international customers. Though we have provided our services to more than 100 customers, we present only one of our international and local client organizations here as follows.


Victory Logistics and Trading Company has been serving customers drawn from different sectors.

Some of our Customers’ portfolio by sector includes the following.

  • Hydro Power projects
  • Wind Farm Projects
  • Telecommunication Projects
  • Railway projects
  • Industrial Zone projects
  • Factory and Machinery projects
  • Construction and Road projects
  • Aid and Relief projects
  • General Cargo

The following are some of the cargos cleared and transported by our company in past.

  • Electrical Transformers, Towers, Steel Frameworks, Conductors, Pips, Lamps
  • Electro-mechanical and Tunnel Equipment
  • Wind Farm Equipment like Blades, Towers, Generators, Hubs
  • Oversize Tankers for Brewery Factory
  • Railway cargos like rails and train main bodies
  • Steel Frameworks for Big Factories
  • Cement Mills
  • Petroleum Jells
  • Construction and Industrial Machinery
  • Vehicles
  • Agricultural Inputs and Products
  • Pumice, Clinker, and steam coal
  • Factory Raw Materials
  • Different Consumer and Merchandise Goods

Our Resources and Capacity

Victory Logistics and Trading Company has several resources available for use in its freight forwarding, customs and port clearance services that it provides to its esteemed customers. The company’s own resources and its partners’ resources available for use at any given time give our customers efficient and flexible Services to their maximum satisfaction. Our company has a capacity of handling up to 56,000 Ftons Cargo size at a time.

Our Company’s Financial Information

Victory Logistics and Trading Company is a fast-growing and profitable private business company in Ethiopia. Our company has been paying taxes according to law of the land and it has been in good terms with any of the government authorities in line with our business operation. Our company gets its financial statements audited every year by external Auditors [copy of audited financial statements of our company can be given any time to our potential customers upon request. Besides, our financial statements (from the year 2005 to 2014) are also fully audited by auditors of Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority two times and we have got tax clearance for the stated periods. Three years of sales turnover is presented here to show how our company is growing fast to respond to our customers’ logistics service requirement.

Future Plans

Victory Logistics and Trading Company plans to implement the following major activities in the near future:

  • Strengthening warehouse service for our customers at Dire Dawa and Addis Ababa
  • Increasing the capacity and variety of loading and unloading Equipment and Machinery
  • Increasing the number of our own normal trucks, low bed trucks, and extendable special trailers
  • Redesigning the company’s workflow system by an independent international consultant
  • Providing door-to-door delivery of cargo
  • Providing specialized packing for import and export

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