Bisrat and Afomia Wood and Metal Works | ብስራት እና አፎሚያ የእንጨት እና ብረት ስራ

Mobile +251 911 124789
Mobile 2 +251 910 344379
Sub City Nifasilk
Woreda 12
LocationNear Woreda 12 Police station, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryHousehold & Office Furniture
Bisrat and Afomia Wood and Metal Works | ብስራት እና አፎሚያ የእንጨት እና ብረት ስራ

Bisrat and Afomia Wood and Metal Works is a metal and wood products manufacturer in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our copmpany was established in 2006 E.C, At Nifas Silk Lafto sub city woreda 12 administration micro and small business office with initial capital of 10,000 birr.

The organization has created job opportunity for many workers.We first started on manufacturing general metal and wood products. Once our company reached to a medium capital we included aluminum works.

Bisrat  Alemu, manager of Bisrat and Afomia wood and metal works is a strongly motivated businessman who currently is engaged in various businesses collaborations. This company is engaged in manufacturing of wood and metal goods.

Wood Products

  • Doors
  • kitchen cabinet
  • Cupboard
  • Handrail
  • Dressing Table
  • Beds
  • Assembling of wooden partition
  • Sauna rooms and so on

Metal Products

  • Hollow Block Machine,
  • Tanker
  • Trailer
  • Mixer machine
  • Coffee grader
  • Assembling of metal houses
  • Door and
  • Windows.

This company has been in business for about ten years that has been successful in its operation, has maintained smooth relationship with different banks in the country as well as wide range of customers. In its ten years journey in the business, the company has managed to attain increase in production capacity year after year and has achieved steady growth in sales volume. The annual sales of the company is projected to reach birr 300,000 as can be viewed from the monthly account turnover of average birr 500,000 - 600,000.

The project will have the following objectives

  • Manufacture quality wood and metal products
  • Create job opportunity for skilled and unskilled workers
  • Contribution to the national economy at large
  • Introduce new technology and produced better and quality products
  • Substitute imported products to save foreign exchange


  • Customer satisfaction
  • We aim to deliver or products of high quality Furniture, Metal products and Aluminum products.

Our Ambistion is to satisfy the domestic needs and to prevent import in furniture and metal and Aluminum products.
Core value Honesty , trust , Accountability commitment to customers continuous  learning constant imprudent updating with current Technology.

Our team includes

  • Marketing personal
  • Quality expersts
  • Skilled labors
  • Product management


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