Phone +251 118 27 58 33
Mobile +251 929 90 15 92
Primary CategoryConstruction and Engineering

HAKICON ENGINEERING PLC is a company in Ethiopia engaged in various forms of construction (road, bridge, building, and other forms of construction), that aims to make a significant contribution to the country's economic and social welfare.

MISSION of the Company

Contributing to Ethiopia's economic and social welfare by participating in any construction works (road, building, bridge and other related construction activities) in Ethiopia.

VISION of the Company

By 2027, to be a preferred and competent general contractor in terms of quality, quantity and customer satisfaction in Ethiopia.

VALUES of the Company

  • Quality of Service & Work
  • Customers Satisfaction
  • On-Time Job Delivery
  • Committed Management
  • Success Priority
  • Attention to Details

OBJECTIVES of the Company

  • To do road construction works in Ethiopia
  • To do bridge construction works in Ethiopia
  • To do Building construction works in Ethiopia
  • To do any other construction work in Ethiopia

GOALS of the Company

  • To participate in the construction industry for the country's growth and development
  • To contribute to quality construction works in the society
  • To add something of value to the country's growth and development
  • To train the Ethiopian engineering sector's manpower so it can have a great impact on the country's overall manpower development