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Nano Computing ICT Solution

Nano Computing is a company in Ethiopia comprised of security specialists. We provide IP CCTV cameras, security systems, access control, converged security solutions, installation, maintenance and support designed to secure property, protect assets and ensure safe working environments.

How can you ensure security and peace of mind in today's climate where crime and fear of crime are of paramount concern to all and receive satisfying computing service? By dealing with a company that has been at the forefront of cutting-edge security technology for over a decade: a company with total commitment to CCTV and integrated security technologies.

Nano Computing has dedicated itself to changing, adapting and evolving in line with emerging technologies. With higher and higher levels of expertise, technical know-how, and exceptional customer service, our clients have come to consider Nano Computing as a partner and not a supplier.

Excellence comes as a standard in everything that we do. We have 12 years of industry experience and have unrivaled enthusiasm and meticulous attention to detail. Combined with the highest levels of systems engineering, this has seen us grow to become one of the most prestigious integrated systems houses around.

By dealing with a company that has been at the forefront of cutting-edge security technology for over a decade, you find yourself working with a company with total commitment to CCTV and integrated security technologies.

How can Nano Computing provide flexible and innovative bespoke systems to combat complex security and process control monitoring problems that are also cost-effective? We take our in-depth knowledge of hardware, firmware and software engineering and apply old-fashioned craftsmanship to leading-edge technologies.

From initial inquiry through to system design, implementation and after-sales care, Nano Computing consistently excels in the supply of efficient Turnkey solutions. Whether your requirements are CCTV, Access Control or an integrated systems approach to Security, software, Health and Safety or Process Control Monitoring, you can be sure that Nano Computing will work with you to get it right.

Whatever your sphere of operation, from Town Centre to Industrial Estate, from University to School, Hospital to Clinic, Blue Chip to High Street Retail, Nano computing’s uncompromising approach will provide you with the most reliable and cost-effective answers to your security needs.

The world changes; the nature of crime changes; the technology changes – Nano computing is the foundation on which peace of mind.



We provide all types of security systems to help businesses as well as homes to secure their property. By investing in surveillance systems you can justify your investment by completely securing your property from burglary and other damages. You can stop worrying about your family’s safety with our home security systems. Our security systems provide detection of any intrusion into an area or building. Some of our security solutions serve a single purpose of intrusion detection while some are a combination of providing fire and intrusion protection.


There are different types of door access control systems available in the market as part of security solutions. We provide the one suitable for your requirements. The basic role of a door access control system is to keep out anyone who is not supposed to enter the premises. They range from securing a single door via an electronic keypad to large networked systems of multiple office areas. Every access control system has an entry device that can be of different types e.g. fingerprint access control, biometric access control system, card access control system, numeric combination access.


You can track your employees’ activities with time attendance systems. In this way, you can monitor whether workers are coming to and leaving from work on time. Further vacation time, lunchtime, sick leave can also be tracked down. Instead of manually recording worker timings, these systems automate the process by using a card access control system or by a biometric time attendance system. Some systems provide detailed reports as well for employee performance. They help in calculating the correct amount to be paid to the laborers for their working hours.


Cross-Platform for Mobile Apps: We provide a cross-platform mobile app development service. This is perfect for jumping off your mobile app on Android and iOS. We work in Ionic, Phonegap, Cordova, and Sencha touch.

Native iOS & Android Apps: Need to scale quickly? We can also develop native apps. This means we leverage the technology built into the iOS or Android framework.


We provide web APP services in the following technologies:

  • PHP – Laravel, Codeignitor, Zend, CakePHP
  • JS – AngularJS, ReactJS, EmberJS,, JQ mobile
  • HTML/CSS, HTML5,CSS3, Less, Bootstra
  • WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopping Carts, Shopify, BigCommerce
  • Mobile Apps, Objective-C (IOS – Native), Android – Native
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps – Ionic, Sencha, PhoneGap, Apgyver


A strong network is a critical part of the way you do business. How well your network operates can have an effect on just about every area of your workflow — from business-critical applications to communications, from sending important data securely to the ease of having an online meeting with a potential client. It’s important that your network perform as well, and as securely, as possible. With all these concerns in mind, we design, build, configure and maintain computer and data networks for businesses. Our networking solutions include the physical setup of your network as well as internet routing and firewalls, internal switching, and wireless networks. Hardware installation and configuration, software installation and configuration — we provide end-to-end networking that covers all the bases. From the data cabling to server configuration and everything in between, we create business-grade networks that perform better for you, keep your workflows flowing smoothly and keep your data safer. Contact us today for a quote on any of our networking solutions.


Nano Computing and ICT provides a full range of server solutions for the demands of enterprise environments from high-performance servers. Our server is engineered for the enterprise with advanced reliability, availability, and serviceability features that are designed for scalability, performance and power efficiency. 


Experience has taught us that the best type of multi-room audio system has to be seamlessly installed, good to look at and provide high-quality sound. Our service includes but is not limited to:

  • Building Automation Systems,
  • Virtual/Interactive Classrooms,
  • Professional Integration of Audio Visual & Security Solutions,
  • Audio-Visual Conferencing  System, 
  • Broadcast  and  Communication, 
  • Digital Conference Systems - Conference that offers the highest quality audio and video in a truly immersive environment.


Nano Computing and ICT presents a wireless LAN setup or Wi-Fi zone setup.  We have tie-up with the major market share device provider for a wireless device at any range.  The wireless technology provides maximum user mobility, flexible installation, a reduced cost of ownership,  excellent scalability in supporting additional   PCs.  The wireless LAN  connects to other site of the network at various speeds. 

Wi-Fi is sweeping through municipalities, campuses, and enterprises of all sizes creating a buzz of excitement and anticipation unseen in the communications arena since the advent of the internet. This disruptive technology offers exciting benefits for all. 

For communities large and small,  Wi-Fi can help conquer the digital divide, encourage economic development, streamline public services and public safety and create a greater sense of community among residents.

The wireless LAN solution is the easiest alternative to a traditional wired network. When the wireless access point and bridge is connected to Ethernet backbone through an RJ-45 connector, the access point and bridge supports mobile users, temporary work sites, difficult to wire environments and remote access to corporate network data. For campuses and enterprises, Wi-Fi can improve productivity; promote communication, information sharing and collaboration; tighten security and increase safety, and improve employee and customer relations.  

Our portfolio includes one of the most comprehensive Wi-Fi and mesh solutions available in the industry today. Our team of experts stands ready to assist you in effectively choosing the right technology for your application as well as delivering a comprehensive suite of services ranging from network design through installation, operation and management of your network.

Wireless solution can be implemented for:

  • Point to Point Connectivity
  • Point to Multipoint Connectivity
  • Campus wide-area distribution 
  • Wireless LAN  Network
  • Large campuses or premises extensions 


Is your hard drive unable to boot? Is it knocking, or now inaccessible? Have one or more hard drives in your RAID disk array failed?  Are you worried that you may have lost your data for good

Relax. We can help. 

We specialize in professional hard drive data recovery and file restoration services for all kinds of data storage. We provide fast and cost-effective data recovery services for all laptop, desktop, and server systems - as well as for all RAID  drive arrays, NAS / SAN volumes, SSD devices, removable disk cartridges, diskettes, tape, CD, DVD, magneto-optical cartridges,  USB  flash, and digital media data storage. Our technical staff draws on over two decades of comprehensive data retrieval and restoration experience to deliver expert and reliable data recovery, disaster recovery and file recovery services.

Since  Nano  Computing  began, we  have  specialized in  recovering data from disasters and  data loss  events of all  types and  sizes: 

  • Hardware Failures
  • Human Error
  • Power Related  Problems
  • Flood / Water Damage
  • Software  Corruption
  • Virus  & Malware  Damage 
  • Fire  / Smoke  / Heat Damage
  • Vandalism & Sabotage

Data storage technologies are constantly changing and improving capacities,  sizes and speed. Our continuing focus on  R&D results in constant upgrades and improvements in our tooling, methodology and techniques - helping our data recovery services to achieve a  rate of success that is unsurpassed. Now in our 30th  year, we continue our commitment to delivering fast and reliable data recovery services for storage media used in virtually all computer systems,  portable devices, and complex operating environments. 


We offer computer and networking services to residential and business customers. Service includes help with setup, troubleshooting, maintenance, training, computer repair, and general help across a wide variety of systems. Repair services can be performed onsite, in home or at your business location. True technology enthusiasts, our technicians are industry experts and take great pride in their work. 


We're one of the few local-area support companies that offer Apple computer repair and support services.  We provide warranty and out-of-warranty service on all  Macintosh systems - upgrades, repairs, virus removal, software installation, everything your  Mac needs.

Client References

References may be obtained from the following clients:

    System design and installation of CCTV system
    Dejne Kebede, G/Manager

  • Greek Embassy
    Network installation and cable structuring

  • Pick Pick ICT Technology
    CCTV installation


    Software development, System design, supply maintenance of CCTV system. The installation, commissioning, and prebuild
    Biruk, Operation Manager

  • Paulos Wongel (
    System design and installation of CCTV system

  • Virginia Pharmaceuticals 
    System design, Networking, server deployment and installation of CCTV system
    Abdala Mohammed (

    System design to deployment of network and security infrastructure
    Solomon Hailu, G/Manager (

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