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Rad Best Trading

Rad Best Trading is an importer, exporter, and a great store for affordable and high-end pieces in Ethiopia. We are engaged in the export of high-quality Ethiopian coffee, as well as tea, various beans, and sesame. We import office furniture, wooden doors, safe boxes, door locks, and construction materials. Hand in hand with our business, we also believe in community empowerment and creating opportunities.

Vision, Mission, Values


To be a leading and reliable international trading company adding sustainable value to stakeholders.


Provide integrated trade solutions to customers to ensure sustainable profits. To serve as an effective and accountable instrument of industry and be socially responsible.


We rely on a set of values that serve as the building blocks of our services.

We are committed to providing samples of the actual product to be exported.

Our trusty farmers have mastered the art of conscious and high-quality production.

Our welcoming team puts your experience first.

Export Items


From the land to the table: We export the excellence of Ethiopian cereals and pulses all over the world and support our partners by choosing the perfect products for their benefit. From the land to the table: all our brands reflect the genuineness, diversity, and excellence of our territory and farmers.

  • Beans
  • Coffee
  • Sesame


We have always believed in community empowerment. With most of the coffee and tea workers in Ethiopia being women, we recognized the need to coin female empowerment as an essential principle of our company. It was only right to merit the skilled women who work tirelessly in harvesting, washing, and sorting produce. We trust that the empowerment of one community has a ripple effect on larger communities. Thereby, we yearn to be first in line to anyone looking for exquisite produce and a supportive community. At Aelaf, each of our coffee beans and tea leaves is developed to perfection with the utmost care, technique, and excellence. And as our name suggests, we seek infinite reach to connect with our customers beyond borders.

We offer a variety of Ethiopia’s best commercial and specialty coffee. It all started when we set out to integrate Ethiopia’s very own coffee into the world’s coffee culture. Ethiopia being the origin of coffee, we export some of its best commercial and specialty beans to our buyers. Our cup of excellence winning coffee is hand-picked from locations known for their organic and fertile farmlands, including Guji, Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, and Harar.

Our Vision for Coffee

To be the leading distributor of specialty coffee worldwide, successively making specialty coffee a household staple around the world.

Our Mission for Coffee

We aim to realize each coffee bean’s potential to become specialty coffee, inspiring Ethiopia’s specialty coffee as a universal beverage.

Our Pieces of Perfection


As the birthplace of the coffee bean, we aim to celebrate Ethiopia for its inimitable produce.


We collect our produce from locations of ideal altitude.


We offer an assortment of coffee flavors catered to our customers’ taste palates. Our sweet, floral, spicy, and mocha taste notes come from a variety of sources found all around the country.


Our produce is handpicked by our environmentally-conscious farmers.


With processing and washing stations at every source, we prepare our coffee beans with lots of care and hygiene


We have a culture built around community, empowerment, and experience; ringing true to Ethiopia’s long-standing tradition.


Our organic tea is grown on the most fertile lands of west Arsi, Elibabor & across Debre Sina, in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. Using the best oxidation practices, our farmers produce flavorful black, green, hibiscus, and oregano teas. Our high-quality tea leaves are carefully hand-picked, adhering to ethical production.

Import Items

At Rad Best, we have a wide selection of office furniture, door locks, safe box, and a comprehensive range of Door Locks, ideal security options for any kind of door.

Unique design, quality products, and value are the pillars of our company, which has made us the first choice of customers.



Office Furniture

A wide range of modern furniture for your office,

Wooden Doors

Exterior and interior door choices, from modern front doors to custom doors.

Safe Boxes

Store your precious valuables and keep them protected with our Compact Safe Box.

Door Locks

A comprehensive range of Door Locks, ideal security options for any kind of door.

Construction Chemicals

We import construction chemicals from a renowned chemical company Wacker.

Exclusive Agents for WACKER

WACKER is a technological leader in the chemical industry and manufactures products for all key global industries. It is active in the silicone, polymer, life sciences, and polysilicon markets.

Community Service


We work hand in hand with our charity organization to bring to light and address social causes. We have always believed in giving back. Building and supporting small businesses, Rad Best has created job opportunities adequate to a hundred women. And through the provision of the latest technology alongside rewarding payment, we’ve empowered women and youth from different communities to work in the pottery business. Similarly, we’ve established employment opportunities in the production of menstrual pads. Our goal is to bring about a positive change in our communities. When supporting Rad Best, you support an entire community.

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