Sokom Construction

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LocationJackros, Robera Coffee, 2nd Floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryBuilding Construction
Sokom Construction

Sokom Construction is a construction company established in 2013 at Modjo, Ethiopia. Since establishment, Sokom has been accumulated experience with bright prospects and high aspiration with our motto: "Always work to keep our customers satisfied."

With this aspiration, we have made consistent accomplishment records, and Sokom has grown to Grade 2 Building Contractor and it is registered by the Ministry of Construction as a Building Contractor BC-3 No. CON/12055.

We provide professional client-focused construction solutions. As an employee-owned company, we go above and beyond on every project and deliver on our promises with integrity. We are dedicated to the quality policy which ensures the satisfaction of our clients by meeting their requirements.

At Sokkom, we exhibit professional performance with qualified staff and machinery for category BC-2. We have several years worth of experience and high caliber performance obtained from working on various projects as contractor. The skill and knowledge set of the staff is also very high.

Due to this and the scope of increased activities, Sokom entertains a high demand for its works. Hence, our company is in the process of raising its capacity to meet more challenges and requirements.




To be the most reliable, trusted and efficient provider of construction services in Ethiopia


To provide people, businesses and communities with affordable, quality, fast-track building services anywhere in the country.


  • Safety (what we expect of our teams)
  • Quality (what we expect of ourselves)
  • Integrity (the backbone of the business)
  • Customer satisfaction (our greatest reward)
  • Respect for others (our company's culture)
  • Developing the best team (what supports our success)



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