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Margeb Tour and Travel

Margeb Tour and Travel has positioned itself today as one of the leading travel companies in Ethiopia. Margeb is one of the few organizations that can offer Ethiopia a full spectrum of incoming tourism services with flexible and efficient solutions, as a one-stop supplier. The services we provide are high-standard and they save time, cost, and resources for our customers.

Since our establishment, we have maintained incoming tourist service as our core business, having served tourists from different countries of Europe and all over the world. In our company, the number of passengers serviced annually today is more than ten times higher than that we serviced on an annual basis when we first started.

Margeb Tour and Travel offers an array of cars ranging from premium to medium-sized, to small cars. All our cars are well maintained and found in excellent conditions. Our chauffeurs are friendly, smart and caring. We can also provide, on request, English-speaking chauffeurs for foreign clients.

Margeb's tour department is run by the owner Mr. Mathi, who has extensive experience gained by working in various parts of Ethiopia as well as being experienced working with various tour companies.

At our company, day excursions, safaris of any length can be arranged including camping, adventure and historical are all programs available.

Various types of transportation for tours and safaris are available, customized minibus, land cruisers, Prados, V8, over-land trucks and various self-driven vehicles depending on clients' preferences and our recommendation for the various terrains.

Margeb’s tour driver guides are skilled and knowledgeable, trained in the field of flora and fauna, and all have a minimum of 4 years of experience in this field. They are very friendly and look into the needs of our clients.


The Market Leader: Think Ethiopia and travel with Margeb Tour and travel


Customer satisfaction is our first GOAL! To deliver our best experiences to our customers every time and every minute, in every customer touchpoint, by always putting ourselves in our customers' shoes - Customer is King.


  • Customer service oriented
  • Competitive rates through our strong buying power
  • Quality care
  • Receiving last minute order
  • Nationwide network of branches at convenient locations in Ethiopia
  • Dedicated 24 hours Emergency Assistance
  • Have among the youngest fleet of vehicles in the nation


  • City Tour in Addis Ababa (MTT 001)
  • Excursion Surrounds of Addis Ababa (MTT 002)
  • Historic Route Tours to Northern Ethiopia via Surface (MTT 003)
  • Historic Route Tours to Northern Ethiopia via Air and Surface (MTT 004)
  • Historic North Ethiopia Tour via Air (MTT 005)
  • Combination Tour to the Historic North Ethiopia, Southern and the Omo Valley by Air and Surface (MTT 006)
  • Omo Valley Tours/ Southern Natural and Cultural Safari (MTT 007)
  • Southern Ethiopia Tour/Omo Valley by Surface (MTT 008)
  • Trekking Semein Mountain (MTT 009)
  • Trekking Bale Mountains (MTT 010)
  • Tour to Bale, Rift Valley, Afar and Ertale Active Volcano via Surface (MTT 011)
  • Wolf Tour in Bale Mountains and Wildlife in Awash National Park by Surface (MTT 012)
  • Adventure Tour Danakil Depression and Ertale  (MTT 013)
  • Historical Tour to Harer via Surface (MTT 014)
  • Historical East Ethiopia Harer and Dire Dawa via Air and Surface (MTT 015)

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