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Scepto Import

Scepto Import positions itself among the leading trading companies in the supply of water related goods, off grid water supply, water well drilling chemicals and electro mechanical equipment’s and related accessories in Ethiopia since 2013 G.C. We have a vast experience in supplying quality products from reliable manufacturers in Turkey, China & India. We are currently involved in selling generators and pumps which are used in construction companies, government institutions, universities, NGOs, private institutions and households.

Is specialized in importing state of the art technology diesel generator sets for various sectors [For residential applications (5-20Kva), For industrial ranging from (≥20Kva) diesel generating sets and portable generators ranging from (2.2-7kw)] submersible pumps, domestic surface pumps, different kind of cables, water treatment chemicals and drilling chemicals.
We have over 30 well experienced staff which are able to provide professional sales and after sales service. Our vision is to provide quality products & services to make our customers satisfied.


Firman is a generating equipment brand under SUMEC group .as an important member of SINOMACH,a fortune 500 enterprise ,SUMEC Group founded in 1978 and specializes in trade and service, engineering contracting, and investment development. After 30 years of development. SUMEC has become an international and diversified modern manufacturing service group.


After conducting extensive research into what our customers really want in a portable generator our conclusions were no surprise. Our extensive research indicated you want more power, bigger fuel tanks, longer run times, and excellent customer support. We engineered our generators with these customer desires in-mind by providing independently certified, industryleading power output. We increased our fuel tank sizes to be over 25% bigger than our competition in every category. Bigger tanks means longer run times; 12-14 hours on every gen without refueling!


History: More than 30 years’ experience of manufacturing pumps.
Technology: a group of professional technical engineers and strong R &D team.
Management: scientific ERP management and strict quality control system.
Innovation: continuously diversify products range to satisfy customer’s needs.
Marketing networking: America, Europe, Asia, Africa, etc.


Founded in 1969, Impo is a family-owned and operated manufacturing facility specializing in the production of submersible electric motors and pumps for use in industrial, municipal, agricultural and mining applications. Using state-of-the art technology both in design and in manufacturing, Impo’s industrial advantages are exceptional quality, high production capacity, wide product range, and very aggressive pricing.


Jainson Cables

company that excels in the industry today has its foundation laid by Mr. H.N shan in the year 1978.his farsightedness and technical expertise led to the establishment of an ultramodern facility for manufacturing excellent quality flexible copper cables.
It Is Saied that “success comes to these who persue the aim with diligence and commitment ‘this holds so much true in the rise of jainson cables, as the company under the visionary leadership of mr.H.N shaha,has become one of the biggest players in the market.

  • Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority
  • South Nations and Nationalities and Peoples Water and Irrigation Development Bureau
  • Bunna International Bank S.C
  • Tis Isat Water Works Plc
  • The Amhara National Regional State Water Irrigation And Energy Bureau(AWIEB)
  • South Water Works Construction Enterprise
  • Dire Dawa Administration Water Supply & Sewerage Authority
  • Oromia Drilling Enterprise
  • Amhara Water Irrigation and Energy Development Bureau
  • Gambela Catholic Church
  • Adama Steel Factory
  • International rescue committee
  • Norwegian refuge counsel

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