Green Hope Renewable Energy Works PLC | ግሪን ሆፕ ታዳሽ ኃይል ስራዎች ኃ.የተ.የግ.ማ

Mobile +251 913 191987
Mobile 2 +251 911 289569
Woreda Adama
LocationAdama, mebrathaile behind Awash Bank Ami café building 4th floor office number G+4-MD-02 2., Adama, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryElectrical Products
Green Hope Renewable Energy Works PLC | ግሪን ሆፕ ታዳሽ ኃይል ስራዎች ኃ.የተ.የግ.ማ

Green Hope Renewable Energy Works PLC (GHREW) has been founded in Adama Ethiopia, September 10, 2019G.C. (04/13/11 E.C.). We focus on renewable energy development works like energy development, energy production and energy skill gap trainings. Green Hope Renewable Energy Works PLC participated in different works like solar PV TVET program which is on-going project still now. GHREW participated in both national and regional level TVET programs, which is organised by Federal TVET agency Oromia TVET office and ADRA ETHIOPIA as expertise team and technical advisory panel. GHREW is awarded grant for solar PV milling machine design. GHREW distributed more than 1000 solar products and worked on cook stove distribution works.

 What the company does :- Green Hope Renewable Energy works is company which is working on energy and electrical related works especially on renewable energy works.

Vision :- Building great green energy company

Mission statement :- Providing clean, efficient and energy and energy products for every human being for better life.

Values :- Creativity among every aspect of energy works.

Business goals & objectives :- To be one of leading company in energy and energy product service and sells.


  • Different solar PV products  
  • Solar home systems
  • Solar panels, batteries, inverters, charge controllers and backup systems.
  • Cook stoves


  • Energy development training
  •  Solar PV installation
  •  Solar PV design
  •  PUE design and implementation
  •  Electrical installation and installation

Business competitivenes :- GHREW always quality products which is certified by different stake for every product and gives wide and quality trainings for different energy training schemes.

Quality policy & objectives :- Every energy products should pass in every step of verification from international to local inspectors. And provide wide and scaled trainings for every energy schemes.

Ownership Structure :- Green Hope Renewable Energy Works PLC owned by two youngsters with 50% each.

Current customers & projects

  •  ADRA, Ethiopia TVET projects on-going project
  •  Rensys Engineering and Trading solar productive use equipment(PUE) specially solar pump(status on-going project)
  •  Acme Engineering and trading on Solar productive use equipment (PUE) especially on solar salon pack (hair cutter) and solar charging station.(second phase begin)
  •  Cold store development ( status:-Waiting funder)
  •  Cook stove training for refugees with Save Ethiopian Environment (status final stage).
  •  Albar trading multipurpose project (first phase begin).