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HAMBD Trading PLC is the authorized agent of Yutong Buses (the biggest bus manufacturer in the world), Levdeo Electric Vehicles, Double Coin Tyre, Techking Tyre and Spare Parts business in Ethiopia. Our company has supplied Luxury Yutong Tourist buses and spare parts to all well known public transport companies in our country such as Selam Bus, Abay Bus, Ethio Bus, Walya Bus, Africa Bus, Alemeda Textile Factory, REST, MIT, Mesebo Cement Factory and Eagle Transport Company.

Currently, HAMBD Trading PLC is underway to establish an electric vehicle assembly plant around Mekelle City. The establishment of a modern assembly plant of electrical cars comprises a range of vehicles from SKD (Semi Knocked Down) to CKD (Complete Knocked Down) with up-to-date equipment and machinery including maintenance of the electrical cars and sales of spare parts.

Our Products



Headquartered in Zhengzhou, in China’s Henan Province, Yutong Group Co., Ltd is a large-scale industrial group mainly specialized in bus manufacturing. It has continuously ranked first in China’s bus industry in terms of enterprise-scale and sales performance for the last 14 consecutive years. It specializes in manufacturing four types of buses - conventional buses, new energy buses, special vehicles, and parts and components. Yutong's manufacturing plant rests on an area of 2.46 million m2.

Yutong carries out R&D according to the market need. By now, it has grown to be the largest and the most technologically advanced manufacturing base of large and medium-sized buses around the world, supported by 4% allocation of its annual budget to R&D.

Yutong buses have been exported to more than 130 countries and regions, such as Cuba, Venezuela, Peru, Australia, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Britain, France, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Ghana, Sudan, Ethiopia and others.

Performance Track Record in Ethiopia

Yutong has supplied luxury tourist buses and spare parts to all well-known public transport companies in Ethiopia such as Selam Bus, Abay Bus, Ethio Bus, Walya Bus, Africa Bus, Sheger Bus, Alemeda Textile Factory, REST, MIT, Mesebo Cement Factory, and Eagle Transport Company through its agent, HAMBD Trading PLC.

From 2012 to 2016, the biggest military factory METEC (Bishoftu Automotive) has purchased 1,800 units of Yutong semi-luxury buses from Yutong Co for commercial purposes.

Different Models





HAMBD Trading PLC will start supplying Electric-Sedan, Electric-Hatchback, Electric-SUV, and Electric Tricycles to the Ethiopian market as an agent of Shandong LEVDEO New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. LEVDEO is the world’s biggest Electric Car Manufacturer.

You use these electrical vehicles by charging them like your mobile phone. Once fully charged, you can drive the electrically charged car for 100 to 460 km distance depending on the model.

We will shortly begin registering those who are interested in buying these electrical vehicles since they will soon arrive home. Model i5 (yellow colored) is convenient for a taxi service in all major cities of our country. Hence, all taxi associations are welcome to join hands with us

Unique Features

  • GREEN - 100% Electric power, No Diesel, No emissions
  • ECONOMIC - Affordable price, Low daily operational Cost, No Fuel, No Filters, No Oil and so on, and Free maintenance
  • CONVENIENT - Smart size, Easy to park, Easy to operate, Home charging, and Fast Charging
  • Energy Efficient
    • For 150 km cost, 10 – 15 kWh of electricity  
    • For 150 km cost, an average of 15L-20L Fuel



Double Coin Tyre

Double Coin uses state-of-the-art technology to build strong, durable tires that deliver uncompromised performance. It utilizes innovative technology that improves fuel efficiency and lowers operating expenses. Double Coin stands for performance, quality, exceptional value, and safety. It also provides tires that deliver long-term performance and a lower total cost of ownership.

HAMBD Trading PLC gladly provides Double Coin tires to its customers with different sizes such as 295/80R22.5-18PR Pattern RR 208, 395/80R22.5-18PR Pattern RR99, and 12.00 x 20-18 PR, and many more.


Long-Lasting Performance

You demand tires that deliver everything — safety, long-lasting performance, and value. That’s why you can count on HAMBD Trading PLC to provide you with high-quality tires from top-tier manufacturers such as Double Coin Tire and TECHKING Tire Solutions. We have the perfect truck, bus and trailer tire for your driving application.

Moving heavy loads of rock, ore and dirt in terrain that is rocky, sandy or muddy requires tires that deliver superior traction, reliable long-term performance, and a lower cost of ownership. We have intelligently designed tires proven to deliver optimum performance.

TECHKING Tire Solutions

HAMBD Trading PLC also provides TECHKING Tire Solutions. Techking is a company focused on tire product design, research and development, quality control, brand building and tire management.

As a professional tire solution provider for off-highway vehicles and on-and-off-highway vehicles, the strategy of Techking is to be the leading tire application solution provider in mining and construction industry. Techking works on a variety of tires such as OTR, TBR, and TIKS.

Techking R&D Center was established in 2008, which has been certified by the Qingdao municipal technology center. Until now, Techking has applied for 101 patents in total with 52 granted patents, including 6 invention patents,8 EU patents,4 Russian patents and 1 US patent.


HAMBD Trading PLC is the biggest spare part provider in Ethiopia. We are Yutong’s Chartered Distributor in Ethiopia to supply spare parts. we have supplied spare parts to all well-known public transport companies in our country such as Selam Bus, Abay Bus, Ethio Bus, Walya Bus, Africa Bus, Alemeda Textile Factory, REST, MIT, Mesebo Cement Factory and Eagle Transport Company. We are is also planning to supply spare part for all Electrical vehicles we provide.

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