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LocationSabian, Kebele 02, Jerba sefer, Off Jebedu Clinic road, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia
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Beneyam Wubshet Construction

Beneyam Wubshet Construction is a privately owned company in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, established in June 2017, that is involved in building and road design and construction, as well as supervision works since 2017. The company is founded by Engineer Beneyam Wubshet, who has ample experience and vast international exposure in the sector in various professional and managerial positions in Dire Dawa and Harar since 2000.


We aspire to become one of the leading construction companies in Ethiopia with a high degree of ethics and endlessly growing commitment.


We utilize our ever-growing commitment and strive to accomplish quality construction in a cost-effective and timely manner with the help of various engineering software.

Via continuous development and planning, we stay ahead of our competitors in the construction industry.


Beneyam Wubshet Construction (BWC), while being mainly involved in the construction industry in Ethiopia, has provided services to:

  • Various projects for Defense Construction Enterprise
  • Link road construction for Ethiopian Rail Way Corporation
  • G+4 condominium building construction
  • Construction maintenance works

BWC currently renders services to its customers and aims to contribute to the construction industry in Ethiopia by fulfilling its mission.

Below are services BWC currently renders, as well as future package services we plan to deliver.

Prevailing Services

BWC is currently engaged in extensive services with a range of amenities tailored to meet customers' interests. These include:

Construction business

We have developed good customer relationships and built a reputation for the efficiency and reliability of our service.

We offer a wide range of services in construction, such as:

  • Building constructions
  • Various maintenance works
  • Drainage works
  • Road construction with innovative approaches
  • Bridges and small culverts

Some past works executed by BWC


Project name


Project cost

Project status



G+0 Air Force Building, Single bedroom

Defense Construction Enterprise (Ministry of Defense)





G+4 Building Blockwork 

Defense Construction Enterprise (Ministry of Defense)





Drainage diversion project/double 42" concrete pipe laying, manholes, backfill and compaction works

Defense Construction Enterprise (Ministry of Defense)





Repair and cleaning of ditch, bridge and culvert in DK229+700-DK289+500/CCECC Mieso- Dawanle Railway Project 

CCECC/Ethiopian Rail Way Corporation/





Dawanle Railway Station link road construction

CCECC (Ethiopian Railway Corporation)





G+4 condominium building construction

Dire Dawa Housing Project Office


Under construction



Some Pictures of Projects BWC Finalized and Handed Over to Clients


Drainage works at Dire Dawa Air Force/Defense Construction


Drainage works at Dire Dawa Air Force/Defense Construction
 27804 Dawanle Railway Station link road project
27805  G+0  Air Force Building, Bedroom
 27806 G+4 Condominium Building Construction


Vehicles/equipment types and numbers BWC operates

  • Toyota Landcruiser, Station Wagon (2) - rental
  • Sinotruck (1) - owned
  • Concrete mixer, new (1) - owned
  • Vibrator/robin, new (2) - owned
  • Winch with accessories, new (2) - owned
  • Generator (1) - owned

Future Expansion Works

With the overall aim of introducing efficient customer-oriented services, our future expansion works of the company are directed towards diversifying the intervention lines in the construction business. Other than the services listed above, the company is ready to introduce additional service package schemes by investing significantly in the area of guest houses construction and eco-lodge expansions with affordable costs.

Our overall objective in this is to reach out to the market in a comprehensive approach and to make our construction services more affordable to all customer groups. We intend to do this by creating a large pool of services delivered at a convenient single spot.

The standardization of services is part of our expansion plan, aiding our vision of proving ourselves as world-class construction service providers.

Sabian, Kebele 02, Jerba sefer, Off Jebedu Clinic road
Dire Dawa, Ethiopia



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