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ALSEN FROMSA CONSTRUCTION is a building and waterworks construction company in Ethiopia. It provides customer-oriented services taking the present market condition into account, and also provides machinery rental of dump truck back loader and excavator.


The company is licensed as a building contractor in grade one (BC-1) and waterworks contractor grade one (WWC-1) in accordance with the guidelines of the Oromia Construction Bureau and the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy, respectively. 


The formation of the company was made prevalent during 2007 E.C taking into account the conductive markets, investment policies, and incentive packages, which encouraged the company to commit resources thereby contributing a part to the overall economic development of the country.

The company has already formed an organized staff of skilled and semi-skilled manpower consisting of engineers, foremen, administrative staff and required semi-skilled manpower with experience in construction works in order to implement its long-time vision of undertaking construction works.

With its present organizational structure, the company has availed reasonably new equipment and well-trained professionals.

The management of the company is led by a General Manager who has an M.Sc in Civil (Geotechnical) Engineering and an M.Sc in Construction Management Engineering with long years of experience in the construction field. The General Manager is assisted by the technical staff and administrative units of the company, who administer the-day to-day activity of the engineering and administration sectors of the firm respectively.


  • To become a strong and leading contractor in the construction industry in Ethiopia
  • To be an ethical and professional contractor


  • Provision of efficient, effective and fair construction services tailored to the best satisfaction of our customers
  • Efficient and effective utilization of our resources


  • Giving quality water and other construction works, like water supply,
  • Irrigation and drainage, Culvert and bridge, building construction

Work Methodology and Site Organization

1. Site layout

This is a plan of site and area around it shows the exact location placing the resources of construction.

The job layout for a project depends upon various factors such as:

  • Nature of the project
  • Location of the project
  • Safety measure
  • Availability of materials and equipment
  • Soil conditions

2. Storing and stacking materials on site

Material on site should be stored so as to prevent deterioration or mixing with each other.

Following are of prime importance while storing materials

  • Should be protected from atmospheric agencies- rain, sun, etc.
  • Construction materials should be stored by adopting suitable measures against risks
  • Materials susceptible to fine should be stored so as to prevent fire hazards
  • Materials easily affected by moisture should stake on the platform with waterproofing

3. Preparation of actual job layout

Job layout is the first duty of the site engineer before the execution of work. A careful site layout /planning ensures:

  • Effective and efficient methods of works
  • Safety to workman and visitors
  • Avoid wastage and deteriorat9ion of materials

4. No interference or disturbance to adjacent facilities

The job layout in the site organization should consider the area available for:

  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Storage of materials
  • Equipment
  • Formwork
  • Bar bending space
  • Toilets
  • Entry and exit

Method Statement

We consider policies and procedures related to:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Management
  • Planning
  • Safety& health
  • Controlling & monitoring
  • Construction method statement

Proposed Workflow and Services

Prepare construction plan by determining:

  • Type and quantity of materials required for the construction
  • Quantity and duration of operation
  • Labor required for the work,(skilled and unskilled )
  • Money required at different stages of the project
  • Total time to complete the project

Prepare construction scheduling of:

  • Construction schedule
  • Material schedule
  • Labor schedule
  • Equipment schedule
  • Financial schedule

Resource mobilization delivery

  • Based on the above planning and scheduling, mobilization of manpower, equipment, material & quantity of work assigned crew
  • The survey team of the project will carry out the survey work based on the data received by the engineer
  • All the necessary monuments will be erected on-site and recorded in paper with all the necessary data coordinates and photos
  • The survey work will refer to positioned benchmarks, from where all the other survey lines and points will derive 
  • The supplied data will be used to establish and set up the layout of the work, will be out the approval ofthe setting out will be requested to the engineer

Excavation and earthwork

  • Clearing and grubbing will be undertaken as soon as the contractor is signed
  • Trees and other gravel will be removed before the removal of topsoil
  • Determine the presence and location of any underground utility pipes, electrical, telephone instrument wire or cable
  • Provide means of diverting surface water from excavation
  • The bulk excavation will be carried out of according to specification and supervisor visit
  • The pit excavation will be carried out according to drawing, specification and supervisor visit 
  • The excavation trenches of the foundation will be carried out according to the drawing, specification and supervisor visit
  • The excavation of trenches and removal of organic soils the supervisor will jointly inspect the exposed area to ascertain by visual survey the weak area and giving instruction about the extension and depth of other excavation if necessary 
  • Excavation is defined as the required excavation below ground site level as produced by site engineer, the excavation will be conformed to the dimensions and elevations indicated for each building and as per the engineer site conditions, and will include bulk pit and trench foundation excavation

Backfilling and hardcore construction

  • Where sufficient quantities of suitable material are not available from the site excavation as planned, additional selected material outside from the site will be purchased as per the approved quality by the site supervisor
  • Before starting the casting of concrete, we make sure all ingredients such as cement, aggregates, and water are of the specified type and quality
  • The cement should be fresh, not older than six months
  • Sand or fine aggregate to be from a clean river, with pits sand of approved
  • Coarse aggregate to be free from impurities like clay, soft thin elongate or laminated pieces to be free from alkali and organic materials
  •  Gradations (coarse aggregate) to comply with the standard technical specification

Appropriate storage and checks

  • Deferent grades are stocked independently and several checks performed
  • All reinforcement and formwork are properly placed prior to as concerting and the mix approved and also check with the inspection certificate, and approved by the designer
  • The rigidity of the scaffolding and shuttering should be checked
  • Conformity of the scaffolding and shuttering should be cheeked
  • Conformity of the dimensions of the formwork with the drawing should be checked
  • The cleanness of the formwork
  • The surface condition of the reinforcement
  • The position and size of rein

Casting of concrete

  • The vibration is carefully done and continues until a dense homogeneous mass is formed, and the surface is fairly smooth
  • The concrete is not over vibrated so that the consistency of the concrete is maintained and separation of materials is not cased
  • All placing of concrete starts from one direction and continue in the same direction without a break
  • An approved design mix is used


  • The bracing of the formwork must be sufficient to carry the load until the concrete is strong enough to carry itself
  • The inside surface of formwork are expected to last permanently, and are thus, unless otherwise agreed upon by the engineer, coated with lease agent
  • Before any converting starts, all icons are thoroughly cleaned out and free from boles and dirt
  • All formwork is removed without any damage to the concrete during the striking
  • Where intended to re­use, the formwork is thoroughly cleaned and made good to a standard the engineer deems satisfactory
  • All formwork connection and quality comply with the standard technical specifications

Stonemasonry wall

  • The type, size, and pattern of laying is as detailed on the drawing
  • All stone masonry walling comply with the standard chemical specification and drawing


  • All blocks are manufactured in an approved special block machine and under a shed
  • Before any manufacturing begins at a large scale on the site, test samples are made, cured, tested, and test results should be approved by the designer
  • Blocks and walls are kept free from soil and other kinds of dirt during execution

Roofing work

  • Fixing of roofing and flashing is made fully water-tight and performed  as per the standard of best workmanship
  • Sheets laid are no less than the 150mm thick
  • No person other than workmen in roofing have access to the roof area
  • All roofing works comply with the standard technical specification

Carpentry and joinery

  • Timber for carpentry and joinery is used according to specification, of best quality
  • Timber and assembled woodwork area are protected from rain and sun
  • All carpentry and joinery comply with the standard technical specification

Finishing work

  • Before any plaster is applied, the wall is thoroughly cleaned from dirt and dust
  • All plastering and painting comply with the standard technical specification

Painting work

  • The kind of paint used is according to the specification and designer's instructions
  • All surfaces to be painted are cleaned from dust and dirt
  • The room is closed until the paint dries

Glazing work

  • The type and thickness of the glass is according to the set specifications
  • Putty powder is expertly applied

Sanitary installation

  • Dimensions and types of pipes, tubes, valves, and sanitaryware is according to the set specification and drawings
  • All joints are installed before mass concrete are cast
  • All sanitaryware is properly fixed in the correct position
  • All sanitary works comply with the standards technical specification/drawing

Electrical installation

  • The conductors are free from defects and cover the wires all the way
  • All conductors and outlets are properly fixed according to the drawings
  • All electrical installation complies with the standard technical specification

Site work

  • All topsoil is excavated separately
  • Each layer of backing and terracing is well rammed and consolidated

ADDRESS: Lebu Muzika Beit, Promise Building, 2nd Floor, Office # 203
CALL: +251911019295 OR +251913676158

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