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Location4449 Airport Road, Bole Mini 3rd Floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Procon Construction PLC

Procon Construction PLC was established in February 2016. Since then, we have been engaged in various projects with Ethiopian companies and international organizations.

In Our work we have Pride, Quality is what we Provide!


To provide professional, timely and customer-focused services in the construction industry. Our company is equipped with expertise and wide-ranging experience to undertake projects within single-source responsibility.


To create a company that promotes a quality living standard, a company which our customers want to work with and our employees are proud to work for; to be a leading company that promotes the highest living standard by demonstrating the highest standards of workmanship committed to full customer satisfaction.

Some of Our Projects for Various Clients


  • Office Interior Construction & Customized Furniture
  • Modern office with open customized workstations, closed meeting and discussion rooms made with frameless glass, and gypsum board
  • Furnished modern kitchen with built-in cabinets and customized furniture
  • Simple office light fittings. Customized wallpapers and graphics are part of our enhancement work of the modern office


  • Simple office with extra space provided by constructing mezzanine floor and balconies as a break-out area
  • Gypsum board and frameless glass partitions are used for all closed offices
  • Company brand colors are painted on some of the walls and frosted stickers
  • Printout wallpapers with the company branding are installed displays of the company work
  • Supply of readymade furniture is also part of the scope of work

Dashen Booth

  • Addis Ababa, Bole International Airport Terminal 2 forex office
  • Modern forex booth constructed with metal structure and bodywork with high-level finishing
  • A lining of bar foot rail is used around the perimeter to ease of users
  • Company brand colors used as a subtractive design element outline of the opening
  • Gypsum decorative ceiling with compounding LED lights
  • The internal graphics work and built-in cantilever tables gave a simple modern look

Girl Effect

  • Addis Ababa office interior construction work & supply of custom-made furniture
  • Gypsum partition board and frameless glass partition are used for closed offices and meeting rooms
  • The glass and wood composite informal partitions are space-defining elements between the informal discussion area and workstations
  • Lighter colours and Ethiopian traditional fabrics are incorporated as cushions, rugs and curtains


  • A small office space with most parts open workstations and a meeting room with frameless glass partition
  • The working space, reception and kitchen areas are defined by informal portions made of wood and metals finished with complimentary company brand colours
  • Simple settees are used for waiting and breakout area
  • Customized size work stations made limited space more functional


  • EBC marketing department interior works
  • The department is restored to a simpler modern look by demolishing all existing elements
  • Ceiling and walls are made of gypsum with a simpler design
  • The uniform lightwood parquet flooring with rugs to define some spaces together with lighter wall and ceiling colours gave a complete facelift to space
  • Customized wallpapers and graphic panels are used to display the company function

35+ Projects completed, 5+ Years in service

4449 Airport Road, Bole Mini 3rd Floor
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Call: +251911827469

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