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Alpha Storage Solution

Alpha Storage Solution is a renowned company engaged in manufacturing a precision-engineered range of store racks, office shelves, shop shelves, library shelves, drug store shelves and boutique displays in Ethiopia. These racks provide a solution for using an existing overhead space, thus saving the cost of conventional building expansion. The racks we offer are prefabricated or custom-designed to suit the requirements of our clients. We offer them to our clients at competitive prices.




  • Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Drug stores
  • Boutique displays
  • Shops
  • Aluminum displays


  • Zemix brand, high quality, safe and durable bicycle


  • Aluminum and metal ladders of various sizes


  • Chairs, file cabinets, latterals .....

Supermarket Accessories

  • Trolley, Baskets, Counter desks, Concave Mirrors

Zebra Wood Glue

  • Zebra Wood Glue (weighing different kilograms)

Agricultural Tools

  • Hoes, shovels, hammers, axes, pick axes....and more



    • ለመጋዘኖች
    • ለሱፐር ማርኬት
    • ለመድሃኒት ቤቶች
    • ለቡቲክ (ልብስ ቤቶች)
    • ለሱቆች
    • የአልሙኒየም ዲስፕሌዮች


    • ዘ ሚክስ - ብራንድ የሆነ ምቹ፣ ውብ እና ጠንካራ ሣይክሎች


    • የተለያዩ መጠን ያላቸው የብረትና የአልሙኒየም መሠላሎች


    • ወንበሮች፣ ፋይል ካቢኔቶች፣ ላተራሎች

የሱፐር ማርኬት ዕቃዎች

    • ጋሪ፣ ዘንቢል፣ የካሸር ጠረጴዛ፣ ማሣያ መስታወት

ዜብራ ኮላ

    • የተለያየ መጠን ያላቸው ኮላዎች

የግብርና ዕቃዎች

    • ዛቢያ፣ አካፋ፣ መዶሻ፣ መጥረቢያ፣ ዶማ ....... እና የተለያዩ ምርቶች

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Tel: +251 911 230 422 / +251 911 208 396

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