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CO.A General Trading PLC

CO.A General Trading PLC has started its operation and involved in the production and processing of marbles in all forms and finishes since 2002 E.C. In the year 2004 E.C we expanded our business by introducing Granites and become one of the leading building constructions finishing material importers in Ethiopia with a specialization of importing Grade A Granites. In addition to being the only importer of FQ Granite in Ethiopia we also have more than 3000 m2 workshop at easily reachable location with more than 5 bigger capacity resizing machineries.

Moreover, our routine of delivering orders on time shows our commitment to build a long-term relationship with our customers. It is with verification of test reports and quality certificates when we say all our products have passed quality inspection process.

Our real estate project which is inspired by our achievement in the building construction finishing material importing business is intended with the confidence of being on the first queue among the best developers in town.

Our construction site, located in the heart of the capital near SUMMIT, offers everyone an opportunity to reside in a quality home environment.

CO.A Real Estate’s owns a project sites here in Addis Ababa. The site is located at the residential area of the city around SUMMIT, offers everyone an opportunity to reside in a quality home environment.


Serve our client’s needs and produce properties with lasting values which is a foundation for our reputation of integrity. To be the fastest growing property developer and become East Africa’s most valuable real estate company.


Our mission at CO.A is to make real estate ownership as cost effective as possible while maintaining the highest level ofservice. We direct all our effort to provide excellent and reliable service to our highly valued clients. At CO.A we strive to be the partner of choice, provide value-added residential and commercial space through highly skilled and dedicated work of our expertise thereby increasing value for our stakeholders, and creating career opportunities and financial rewards for our employees. Moreover, we want to run the company in a way that actively recognizes the central role business play in the society by initiating and supporting innovative ways to protect and preserve our environment and improve the quality of life on due process.

Our Products and Services

CO.A real estate’s owns a project sites here in Addis Ababa. The site is located at the residential area of the city around SUMMIT, offers everyone an opportunity to reside in a quality home environment.
The key features of our project site are:

  • It is Located in the residential area on Summit on 30 meter road plus additional feeding roads to the main road
  • Fully finished and ready to live in with 24/7 security system
  • Semi basement and ground parking
  • Convenient transportation with a well-developed infrastructure
  • Proximity to shopping centers, schools, health and recreational centers
  • Electricity back up by a generator
  • Security camera in designated areas
  • Centralized satellite system
  • wireless internet facilities supported by modern technology
  • Spaces available for common uses like slaughtering place
  • Water reservoir of enough capacity
  • Fire alarm system for all floor
  • Every floor has its own gated corridor

MOBILE; -0911 21 10 56
MOBILE;-09 62 77 77 77
MOBILE;- 09 69 29 29 29

OFFICE LOCATION;-Signal Near sumeya mosque


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