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Absolute Granite and Marble

Absolute Granite and Marble is an importer of granite and marble, ceramic and porcelain in Ethiopia. It was started with the aim of providing its customers with superior quality materials at competitive prices and services that one can easily rely upon. Quality and service have always been our founding principles and combining them with the knowledge and experience of the industry experts who are an esteemed part of our team, we have become a great natural stone distributor in Addis Ababa.


Absolute Marble and Granite provides top-notch products from the industry. Absolute continues the lore and furnishes with the most unique stones. We deliver natural stone in Ethiopia with fine quality and utmost services. The reason for our growth and success despite the short tenure is the priority that we confer to our customers and the people that we employ.


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Granite has the ability to resist heat and stains and what’s even better is it comes in colors of your choices. For thousands of years, it has been used in interior and exterior applications in buildings, bridges, monuments and other places for floors, countertops and other design elements. It leaves an impression of elegance and quality in your kitchen installations and flooring.


Marble is a natural stone that has stood the test of times since ages. The elegant and classy look of these stunning marble stones will truly amaze you. It has naturally cooler temperature. The subtle texture, myriad hues and unsurpassable magnificence of this naturally cool material has soothed the senses of people over many, many years.


ceramic is a hard, brittle, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials made by shaping and then firing a nonmetallic mineral, such as clay, at a high temperature. Ceramic tiles resist water, damp and steam. They can be cleaned with water alone, ensuring financial and time savings and avoiding their exposure to harmful chemicals


Porcelain has a high level of mechanical resistance, low porosity and high density, which, on a daily basis, provide it with durability, innocuity, soft touch and beauty. It is a unique product. It do not retain dust. They can be easily cleaned with common household materials. Additionally, they do not need polishing or buffing to maintain their finish.

Floor Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles do not retain dust or residues as easily as many other flooring surfaces. They can be easily cleaned with common household materials. Additionally, they do not need polishing to maintain their finish.


Marble stairs are durable enough to withstand some of the toughest bumps, even if something gets dropped down the stairs. With that kind of durability, you don’t have to replace the material any time soon. Also, granite stairs is strong, beautiful, and low maintenance, making it ideal for your home.


Granite counters add value to your kitchen. Also, marble is a natural stone, so it’s more resistant to scratching, cracking and breaking than many other available countertops materials. In spite of its durability, marble is softer than granite, so it’s possible to incorporate attractive design elements, such as fancy edges.

Window Sills

While keeping water out of a dwelling is most important, marble window sills are also used as shelving and even as a table. Setting plants, books, pictures, and other trinkets on top of a Black granite window sills serves as the perfect display case. Most importantly, it hides stains!

Door Thresholds

A marble threshold prevents moisture percolation. The strip of natural stone is mortared directly to the subfloor and nestles against both of the adjacent flooring surfaces. Commonly placed in a bathroom doorway, the threshold prevents water from seeping into the crack between flooring surfaces.


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