CWW Manufacturing PLC (Pak Therm Pipes)

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LocationCasanchis ,Black gold complex 5th floor,, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryPipes and fittings
CWW Manufacturing PLC (Pak Therm Pipes)

CWW Manufacturing PLC is a company in Ethiopia specializing in the production of PAK THERM pipes and fittings for plastic piping systems of pressure and hot water (heating) distribution.

Our main products are:

  • PP-R Fittings
  • PP-R Pipes

20506 20500 20510 20511

Our production and inspection is implemented strictly according to Ethiopian and European standards. For our PPR system production, we only use the highest-quality materials, granulates with high molecular weight and a highly heat stabilized mechanism.

Our products come in white and green colors.

PAK THERM PIPE helps in avoiding damage by corrosion damage. All materials used are non-corrosive and have less noise flow rate in comparison to metallic pipes. PAK THERM pipe systems are opaque and do not allow any algae formation.

They are also used for industrial applications, for pipe system installation of both hot and cold fluids.

Kazanchis, Black Gold Complex, 5th Floor