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KARAMA Charity Foundation

KARAMA Charity Foundation is an independent, nongovernmental organization founded by intellectuals living inside and outside of the country, local elders and group of youth and women groups. These groups of people have always been actively involved in raising the standard of living for the most vulnerable people in the Ethiopia somali regions as a whole. They where and still are providing services to the local community of Ethiopia at their own free will. To broaden their activities in a more professionalism and result centered development, they established in 2020 as a nongovernmental organization which should stand to serve the needy and was founded on 10th of September 2020. The founders discussed the issue of human suffering in East Africa, more so Somali region of Ethiopia and the need of the people of those regions for humanitarian relief and educational assistance and supporting the communities for sustainable development to prevent the negative impacts of famines and the natural and man-made disasters

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Karama Charity Foundation opened its main office in Jijiga Ethiopia and has branch offices in North Eastern Kenya, Mogadishu the capital city of Somalia, Kismayu port city of Somalia (3rd capital of Somalia) and Badhadhe town in the lower Jubba and therefore the Foundation works in such a vast region in humanitarian relief and educational assistance.


KARAMA'S vision is to realize that its targeted beneficiaries live in prosperity and dignity on education, health and Humanitarian interventions, specially to improve the life standard of the low class and unprivileged communities in between the revering areas Ethiopian Regoins.


KARAMA'S mission is to improve, enhance and positively transform the social and economic structures of the riverine area (small scaled farmers) that generate poverty and violence of the target communities through:

  • Initiating programs that lead to the promotion of livelihood where people can live in dignity and fullness.
  • Seeking the will of the riverine areas people to participate in the transformation of education and healthy community in establishment of primary education and health post centers (MCH/TFC) in the main town and spread to the villages in the future that will be achieved to get the following
  • facilities:
    • Establishment of education and medical centers in the main town and villages in the future.
    • Qualified teachers and medical doctors.
    • Schooling and medical materials for IDPs.
    • Voluntary donors (UN & international NGO's) to fund the projects.
    • Pursuing changes through the promotion of networking and information sharing.

KARAMA'S Main Objectives

  •  Participate in humanitarian relief and response to emergencies and disaster - manmade disaster and natural disaster - to facilitate partner's access to reach vulnerable and effected communities.
  • Facilitate increased awareness and respect for genderequality and Human rights.
  • Mobilize the grass root levels to educate the above mentioned communities to
  • Facilitate knowledge, prevention and actions to reduce and eradicate the effects of epidemic disease, HIV/AIDS and FGM.
  • Strengthen the capacity of the organization and its staff to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the NGO's programs and activities.
  • Enhance awareness and respect of human rights.

Core values:

KARAMA's work is guided by the following core values:

  • Accountability: KARAMA believes to step up accountability to all categories of stakeholders.
  • Credibility: the organization always looks to promotion of its credibility. KARAMACHARITY. FOUNDATION
  • Solidarity: unity is the motto of KARAMA.
  • Efficiency: we ensure quality service and commendable behavior to the beneficiaries and all other stakeholders.
  • Equality: we work regardless of race, gender of political opinion.
  • Creativity: KARAMA is flexible to sound change and welcomes creations from significant stakeholders.

KARAMA'S operations are designed to meet the needs of the affected people of all categories, the marginalized and the oppressed.

KARAMA supports initiatives from beneficiaries to promote their lives.

The beneficiaries target groups include:

  • Woman
  • The poor unprivileged groups.
  • Communities affected by disasters (Natural and manmade).
  • Youth and vulnerable people.
  • The displaced refugee in Ethiopia.
  • Communities with special needs.


  • Emergency relief for the displaced people.
  • Water, Sanitation and hygiene.
  • Education and Health
  • Human rights
  • Response to emergencies
  • Organization capacity building
  • Youth Development programs

Core strategies of implementation and approaches:

Fund maintenance:

Our funds are entirely donated by well-wishers within the local and Diaspora. These contributions are just but a fraction of what is needed most of the times. We do our works with encouragement to each other to let the sides/the existing problems down.
KARAMA pursues the following strategies and approaches to realize the execution of its objectives and centre core to reach its long term vision

  • Institutional capacity building
  • Lobbying, advocacy and networking
  • Partnership with donors and international NGO's.

Geographical location

KARAMA's main office is in Jijiga but the organization's activities cover the whole Ethiopia especially Somali regional State it has focal representatives in the regions' main Towns i. e. Dollo Zone, Sitti Zone, Korahe Zone, Fafan Zone, Shabelle Zone, Erer Zone, Nogob Zone, Jarar Zone, Afder Zone, Liben Zone, and Dhawa zone, etc.

Some Achievements and Current Activities:

  • Karama Charity Foundation has so far implemented several projects as part of its objectives since its inception.
  • KARAMA'S project will help 50 IDP farming families who moved from refugee camp Qolaji to the nomad area of Walwal, near Werder, Somali State (woreda 4 in Werder).
  • They depend on help from KARAMA'S

They have formed an Agricultural production cooperative and local government (with the concent of the host community) have donated them 10 hectares of land 100 m from a well that doesn't dry out

The aim is that the IDPs improve their livelihood security and become independent, by learning how to farm in their new environment and make an income from selling harvest. They will use greenhouses and fruit trees for shade and drip irrigation, using less water. To minimize the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides they will learn how to make and use compost, animal manure, natural ways to combat pest and diseases and use natural and recycled materials. They will also make a plant nursery. Agricultural experts will train them for 7 months and the IDPs will later teach others from the area how to farm

A call to the Donors:

We call upon the philanthropists, well-wishers, those who value education and the need for it, the local and international humanitarian organizations to participate with us in the pursuit relieving the pains of human being and provision of educational assistance the people in the areas of our work.

Through your support, we support others, build and operate schools, rehabilitate schools, employ teachers to teach, build health centers, and build care centers for orphans and the homeless.

With the help of the donors and well-wishers and in coordination with them, we will be able to feed the hungry. care for the orphans, widows and with their helping hand the young get education and the adults informed and therefore the dignity of human being safeguarded.

Executive Director
Abdulahi Abdi Mohamed


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