KFAM Trading PLC

LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategorySanitary & Pvc Wares
KFAM Trading PLC

KFAM Trading PLC is a company based in Ethiopia established in 2017 G.C. We are mainly focused on importing chemicals for agricultural input chemical and machinery for agricultural industrial use and also import sanitary ware and bathroom solutions. We work with many international companies from different companies from China, India and Kenya and Europe. With 10 products already Registered in Ethiopia We provide agricultural chemicals to commercial farms and traders such as pesticide, herbicide, insecticide and knapsack sprayer.


Our mission is to provide quality agricultural inputs at a competitive price to our country’s small farmers and commercial farms to better utilize their farm lands and get excellent yields.


Our vision is to be a leading supplier of agricultural inputs Ethiopia to help build Our country as the foremost exporter of and supplier of agricultural products in Africa by providing the best machinery and chemicals that are suitable for our lands.

+251 118 369463
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