TZ Granite and Finishing Works Contractor|ቲዜድ ግራናይት እና ፊኒሺንግ ስራ ተቋራጭ

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Location22 Segen Building, 2nd Floor Room D33, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryBuilding Construction
TZ Granite and Finishing Works Contractor|ቲዜድ ግራናይት እና ፊኒሺንግ ስራ ተቋራጭ

TZ Granite and Finishing Works Contractor:- is one of the leading Interior, Architectural design, and execution contractors in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Before TZ Granite and Finishing Contractor, our company's name was Melkamu Teshome Painting and Decorating Contractor. We are associated with leading Architects and Builders.

ቲዜድ ግራናይት እና ፊኒሺንግ ስራ ተቋራጭ:-  የምንሰጣቸው አገልግሎቶች

  1. የቀለም ስራ
  2. ግራናይት
  3. ኳርትዝ
  4. ጂፕሰም ቻክ፣ ፍሬም እና ቦርድ
  5. ሴራሚክ እና ሌሎችም የሕንጻ ማጠናቀቂያ ስራዎችን እንሰራለን።

Our clients are large, medium, and small companies including multinational as well as Ethiopian Corporate Organizations. We are in the business of delivering value-added Interior and Architectural design and Execution projects for the wide profile of corporate Commercial, Hotels, and Residential Clients.

TZ Granite and Contractor has earned a well-deserved reputation for its track record in implementing and completing the top-quality project in time and with Customer Satisfaction. Our strength of proficient execution is backed by the experience of our in house Designers and Project Managers with rich experience in Interior designing, Planning, Project execution services. We have the infrastructure and technical capabilities to undertake some projects in large volumes. Projects are being managed by experienced engineers and supervisors along with the strong skilled, force in civil experts, Skilled Carpenters, Gypsum work, POP, Soft furnishing, electrical, Flooring, Painting, and Fabrication using the finest material and superior workmanship to create work and living space that enhance the quality of life. We are enclosing a list of selected work executed and references by our prestigious clients, which bear testimony to our commitment towards timely and quality consciousness.

  • Interior Designing
  • Gypsum chock, Frame & Bords
  • Gypsum Partition Bloke
  • Painting
  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Ceramic
  • Woodcutting Machine
  • Molding Machine
  • Surface Planner
  • Thickness Planner
  • Spraying Compressors

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